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From the latest improvements, through hottest new launches to the biggest fails, we do not keep secrets from you! We are your trusty and reliable source for auto news from all over the world! No rival can match Mobeo’s latest auto news! We offer the ultimate insight into everything new and fresh out of the auto industry from all top sources and provide you with the chance to be current and on trend! Browse our blog for the ultimate comparison, technical information, new launches, car prices, specifications, car dealers, car shows and a lot more!

Renault continues updating their product line with cost-effective and eco-friendly hybrid options for the Chinese and European market.

Check out which are the countries of the world with the most prevalent love for cars. Some of these will surprise you a lot!

A quick preview of the upcoming Paris Motor Show 2018 in early October is revealing the expected stars of the event and the upcoming automotive trends.

Is a new electric Volkswagen Beetle is the exciting future the German brand is preparing to meet the needs of the modern market.

Find out more about the rumoured new electrified hybrid models by Hyundai expected to hit the UK market in the next 18 months.

Learn more about how MINI is planning to meet the new standards of low emissions while improving efficiency.

Take a look at all the shortlisted cars in this year’s best car of the year in different categories awards by Auto Express.

The rating is based on over 10 million technical reviews and covers 225 models from different years of manufacturing.

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