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The Most Car-Obsessed Countries in the World

The Most Car-Obsessed Countries in the World

Have you ever wondered which are the countries with the highest car ownership rate in the world? You are most probably already envisioning the USA where probably every member of a household is owning a gas-guzzling SUV or a cool pickup (in South) and people are driving and owning their own car since a very young age. Or eventually, you are thinking of Germany since the country is already a symbol of quality, safety, and power in terms of their well-crafted and efficient roadsters. Italy would be another guess with around ten exotic and cure beauties coming to your mind in just a couple of minutes.

However, while these above-mentioned countries are still settling on noticeable places on the rang list of car-obsessed countries, they are definitely not near the highest rates. With that being said, it is confirmed one more time that it should not be a country that is popular with its driving/car manufacturing culture and traditions that will be necessarily hiking to the top of the list. So make sure to check out the list below and you will be able to find which are the exact top ten countries that hit the highest rates in car ownership per 1000 people.

10. Austria, 536 cars per 1000 people

With a population size of around 8.5 million according to 2013 stats, Australia is settled at place number ten and definitely shows a serious interest in cars. It couldn’t be any other way with such a neighbour as Germany.

9. Australia, 559 cars per 1000 people

It is a well-known fact that Aussies love their cars. In fact, they love cars to such an extent that transport is the second largest monthly expense in the country right after rent. Even further, Australia does not simply have a very high car ownership rate, but the country also is the world’s leader of new car purchase with the staggering 1.1 million new cars purchased in 2013. SUV’s are among the leading new car models of choice to the extent that they make up 30% of the overall purchases in the country.

8. Lithuania, 565 cars per 1000 people

Lithuania is definitely not a large country and its population is on the smaller size too with only 3 million people living in the country, but it has a pretty significant car ownership rate.

7. Malta, 595 cars per 1000 people

It is a serious surprise that Malta settles on the 7th place in this rang list considering the fact that most of the people even do not have any idea where the country is. Malta is a very small island country that is, obviously, jam-packed with cars.

6. New Zealand, 597 cars per 1000 people

It appears that the New Zealanders show a very serious love and passion for their cars. The little country has a population of less than 4.5 million people, which means less than the population of London, but it seems like almost everyone is enjoying a car.

5. Italy, 605 cars per 1000 people

Well, Number 5 is definitely not a shocker, since Italy is synonymous of love for cars. Expensive cars in particular since the country is the birthplace of some of the most luxurious car brands in the world such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati.

4. Iceland, 646 cars per 1000 people

Iceland may be larger in size but it has a very little population of just a bit over 320,000 people. However, the rural country has a car ownership rate higher than many countries that are double and triple its size.

3. Luxembourg, 667 cars per 1000 people

One more tiny country in this list with just around half a million population and one more country that surprisingly reaches so close to the top of the car ownership rate. No matter its size, Luxembourg is a rich country and it is easy to guess why so many people own and enjoy their own car.

2. Monaco, 729 cars per 1000 people

Considering the previous contenders for the crown such as Luxembourg, it is not a surprise that a country as small but so rich as Monaco is landing on the second place in this list. Residents of Monaco seem to have a big love for their cars, especially the luxurious and expensive ones.

1. Lichtenstein, 744 cars per 1000 people

Keeping up with the tendency of small and rich countries showing a serious obsession with their cars, Lichtenstein is grabbing the crown with no surprise at all. Despite its tiny population of just 37,000 people (according to 2013 stats), residents of this small country truly love their cars.