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Advertising Guidelines

Mobeo.co.uk’s website is a free service offering people to advertise, promote goods and services, buy and sell, interact and communicate. Every registered user of Mobeo.co.uk’s website agrees to comply with and respect the rules and restrictions set by our Advertising Guidelines terms and conditions.


To ensure an enjoyable, safe, secure and spam-free experience with Mobeo.co.uk, we have set some certain rules and restrictions for maximum comfort and safety for our users and in order to ensure we reduce violent behavior. Mobeo.co.uk is not responsible, however, for any damage, loss or abusive behaviour, because personal relations and interactions are not under Mobeo.co.uk’s supervision.


All postings that don’t meet our Advertising Guidelines and General Terms and Conditions requirements are removed without any notice. For maximum comfort and safety, we have listed below the most common restrictions advertisers are under and the most common reasons for the suspension of ads.


Please note that according to our General Terms and Conditions, Mobeo.co.uk doesn’t refund paid services in case they don’t meet our Advertising Guidelines.

General Guidelines

Be sure to follow the above listed General Guidelines in order to meet our requirements!

- Providing as much information as possible for goods, services and events you offer increases the chance your add to be viewed and visited by more people. Your posting shouldn’t include misleading, incorrect or false information and content.


- Ensure you provide good quality images to your ad. According to our analyzes and statistics, ads with an image attached get more views.

- Violating and harming someone’s physical and intellectual rights is illegal. Don’t copy any information and content you are not authorized to use and distribute. Create your own content and images.

- Choose the best category for your add and that way you will increase the chance you add to get more views.

- The contact information provided should be yours, correct and free to use.

- Do not create content and do not post ads on behalf of other companies and people, if you are not authorized to do so. This is illegal and subject to restrictions.

- Mobeo.co.uk is not supporting spamming and other approaches for repeatedly distributed same or similar content. Spamming is not helping users and visitors.

- Respect the privacy of other people and companies and don’t violate other’s privacy in your content and ads.

- Keep away from any form of abuse or harmful content in the content you create and distribute.

- Adult content is under the supervision and restrictions of Mobeo.co.uk. Mobeo.co.uk reserves the right to remove any harming, violating and extreme nudity content without notification.

- Do not post any ads of websites with the same or similar functions as Mobeo.co.uk.

Illegal Activities

By registering as a user of Mobeo.co.uk’s website you agree that:


- You won’t violate the law, any third party rights or any of Mobeo.co.uk’s policies and requirements. You won’t post any information or content, which may violate someone’s rights, safety and will not provoke and promote any dangerous and illegal acts.

- You will not use, distribute or transmit any viruses or any destructive code and content that may interfere with the operations of networks, websites and services.

- You won’t post any misleading, incorrect or false content, information, contact details.

- You won’t distribute spam.

Mobeo.co.uk’s website is a free platform that supports human rights, any legal actions, freedom of speech and community safety and security and the below-listed behavior will be a subject of our restrictions:

- Hate

- Violence

- Racism

- Inequality

- Inequality

- Intolerance of any kind

- Pedophile content

- Sexual abuse

Multiple Accounts

Creating multiple accounts on Mobeo.co.uk’s website is prohibited. Mobeo.co.uk reserves the right to delete multiple accounts any time without notification.