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K-ZE: Renault's Chinese Hybrid SUV

K-ZE: Renault's Chinese Hybrid SUV

The car model will be launched on the Chinese market in 2019 first. Later on, in 2020 it is expected that the hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions of Clio, Megane, and Captur will be available on the European market too.

Before the official start of the Auto Show in Paris at the beginning of October, Carlos Ghosn already announced the two new strategic steps of Renault for introducing more electric and hybrid models in the brand’s range, which is a part of the main strategic plant called Drive the Future. It seems that Renault is yet another car brand hopping on the bandwagon of more conscious, eco-friendly, and respond to the nature driving thanks to the electrification of the vehicles and the launching of more hybrid motors.

The first step of the Drive the Future programme of the French car brand includes launching a more cost-effective city electric car in 2019. The electric car from a new generation and offering more efficiency will be launched on the Chinese market first. Following the launch, new hybrid and plug-in versions of the already popular Clio, Megane, and Captur models will be launched on the European market in 2020.

Renault K-ZE is the new global model from the A-segment. The new electric car is capable of autonomy of 250km according to NEDC – the best one in this segment. Besides the attractive design, Renault K-ZE also offers a more simplified and efficient charging system thanks to the double charging system that is compatible with the household electrical system and the public infrastructure. Despite the fact that Renault keeps quiet for now on the topic of whether or not the car model will be available for the rest of the world’s market, the company still does not decline the possibility.

Renault K-ZE will be launched in China first since the Asian market is the fastest growing and the largest one when it comes to electric motors and hybrids. The vehicle will be produced locally by e-GT New Energy Automotive Co, which is the commercial enterprise of Dongfeng Motor Group and Nissan. The enterprise is created exclusively for manufacturing of competitive electric cars on the Chinese market.

Renault also confirmed the brand’s plans to continue introducing more electric car options in their range of car models. The electrification is a part of their programme for re-launching their popular models and updating their product line in 2020. The European market can expect the hybrid version of Clio and the plug-in hybrid versions of Megane and Captur in the upcoming two years. Renault is now capable of offering updated hybrid versions of the motors from their B and C segment thanks to the e-Tech technology that is internally developed by the company and very innovative.