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Volkswagen May Revive Beetle as an Electric Car with Four Doors

Volkswagen May Revive Beetle as an Electric Car with Four Doors

The automotive giant Volkswagen is developing new concepts for reviving their product line and being able to provide customers and clients with new opportunities to enjoy their time and experience behind the wheel. In its current form and concept, the Volkswagen Beetle is available on the market since 2011. The car is based on the idea behind the already classic Golf 6 and despite attracting attention and interest with its creative design and the comfort it offers, marketing experts notice a significant decrease in the demand of Volkswagen Beetle on the international market in recent years.

Will there be a Volkswagen Beetle with a new and more modern concept meeting the overall demand on the vehicle market and when will this new model from a new generation be available is not clear yet. However, if a new and updated Volkswagen Beetle model pops up on the market soon, it will be a very innovative and revolutionary one. A few sources already predict the launching of a new electric Volkswagen Beetle with four doors in the near future and everyone is excited about the news!

In fact, this information is mostly based on a few recent interviews with the superiors of the car brand. The main concept discussed in the interviews reflect the motivation of the brand to deliver products that meet the needs of the modern customer and show interest in touching upon some new for the brand market niches. In fact, electric cars with the Volkswagen Beetle logo are predicted to be the first step of the positioning in new market spheres, while more niche offers are going to follow in future.

Beetle is most probably going to get the MEB platform, which is in a process of developing and discussing as an opportunity by the Volkswagen brand for the future electric car production. The MEB platform will allow the car engineers to achieve a roomier interior. In addition, a comeback of RWD is expected. However, whether or not the project of an electric Volkswagen Beetle with four doors will be given a green light will be known for sure in about 2-3 years from now. Until then, the current Beetle will be available in its classic model only and its selling success will continue to be questionable for now.