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Paris Motor Show 2018 – What to expect?

Paris Motor Show 2018 – What to expect?

Despite the fact that there are still a few months left to the start of Paris Motor Show 2018 in October, car fans and enthusiasts are getting more and more excited about one of the greatest and biggest car shows in Europe featuring some of the most popular carmakers gearing up to hit the event with showcasing some of the biggest brand stars out there! Following up the second major European car exhibition in Geneva, the event in the French capital is promising a lot of exciting to raise the adrenaline and excitement levels to the maximum and leave a lasting memory!

While the Geneva automotive exhibition in March is regarded as the more important event in terms of new car launches and the significance of the alternating International Motor Show Germany in Frankfurt at the same time in October is unbeatable in terms of the great variety of cars on display, the event in the French capital certainly wins due to the claim that it is the oldest event with such character with the first edition held back in 1898.

The show in Paris in 2016 definitely did not disappoint with its large scale and innovational stars of the show! The event was the launch of the innovational and exciting electric Volkswagen I.D. and Mercedes Generation EQ. Electric cars continued to be a major theme in 2017 too and the 2018’s show is expected to make no difference and continue promoting the ecologically friendly and conscious theme. 2016 is the year when BMW showcased their new concept form with BMW X2. It seems like the concept soon became a major trend, while the 2016s show continued surprising the fans with the debut of vehicles such as Audi Q5, Skoda Kodiaq, Peugeot 3008, Land Rover Discovery, Honda Civic.

The Paris Motor Show 2018 starts on the 2nd of October with a press day but will be opened to the public on 4th of October. We present you a list of what is expected from the upcoming event.

The Key Cars

Audi A1 will make its first public debut for all-new posh Polo alternative.
BMW 3 Series will be one of the main focuses of the show as a major rival of Mercedes C-Class and Audi A4.
DS 3 Crossback is the new and exciting smaller and electric crossover by DS and it will get all the attention for sure.
Porsche Macan the bestseller of the car brand, in an updated and more exciting version with a new 6-cylinder engine version will be in the spotlight.

Manufacturer A to Z

Audi A1 – The new supermini by Audi is set to make not only its public debut but steel the spotlight from the second-generation Volkswagen Polo as the main contender for the crown in the category.


Audi A4 facelift – The main changes come from the “facelifted” saloon of Audi A4.


Audi A6 Allroad – The Audi A6 range is expanding with this newest member.


BMW 3 Series – The all-new BMW 3 Series looks like to be one of the biggest contenders for the crown of the Paris show. In addition, the fully electric version of the next 3 Series is in the pipeline but it most probably is not going to hit the stands on the Paris show in 2018.


BMW X5 – Making a public debut.


BMW Z4 – Making a public debut too.


DS 3 Crossback – Adding a second SUV to the family, there is no better way to showcase it to the wide public than hitting DS’s home show in Paris.


Mercedes A-Class Sedan – The car model arrives with a more convenient and compact saloon shape and an engine shared with the latest A-Class hatchback. This is a public debut for Mercedes A-Class Sedan.


Peugeot 508 SW and PHEV – This will be a full public outing for the stylish Peugeot 508 SW. The full details of the PHEV model’s range and performance will be revealed during the show in Paris too.


Porsche Macan facelift – The facelift of the most popular and best-selling SUV by Porsche consists of subtle redesigning of the interior layout and a new infotainment. In addition, two new 6-cylinder engines will make their first public appearance.


Skoda Kodiaq vRS – Setting the lap record for a seven-seat SUV in the process, Skoda’s Kodiaq vRS is definitely going to be one of the major stars of the show.