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Hybrid Cars Explained

Learn more about how hybrid cars work and why you should keep an eye on hybrid cars available on the market.

What is a Electric Car and How Do They Work

The electric cars market has recently got under the spotlight with more and more statistics showing the market is marking an impressive increase. Here is why.

Top 7 Low Maintenance Cars on the Market

Are you looking for low-maintenance motors to pay off their initial price and last you with reliability in a long term? Check out this list!

Top Six Reasons to Switch to an Electric Car

There are so many reasons worth considering when you plan to swap your petrol engine for an electric car. Let’s explore some of them here.

3 Important Auto Parts to Inspect before Purchasing a Secondhand Car

Never agree to purchase a pre-loved automobile without running a car inspection yourself. Be as meticulously, extra careful in checking every nook and cranny as much as possible.

10 Stupid Ways You Are Knocking Money off Your Car’s Value

Some unexpected common bad habits can really decrease the value of your car when re-selling it in future. Here are 10 things to avoid!

Ultimate Automotive Glossary - Common Terms Used in the Car Business

Check out the most common terms used by the used car trade businesses and dealers to be well-prepared for negotiations.

6 Unique Sports Cars

You have probably never heard of them but they deserve more popularity and love. Here are 6 of the best unknown sports cars in the world!

Best Selling Cars by Country

Check out this interesting break down of the car bestsellers across some of the most popular car producing countries in the world.

The Used Car Guide: Signing a Contract

Signing the contract is the most important step of a car purchase. Here is what to expect, what should be included in the document, and more tips and advice.

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