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Top 7 Low Maintenance Cars on the Market

Top 7 Low Maintenance Cars on the Market

The value of your new car is going to dramatically decrease the moment you sit behind the wheel and drive off without any regret of your new purchase. Of course, this is a fact you cannot get away from and it happens to everybody and their cars. This one can be assumed as one of the main drawbacks of investing in a brand-new car but this is how the market works and there is nothing to worry about. With only a few exceptions out there, car value depreciation will happen and instead of regretting your decision we recommend you investing your time and energy for making good research before making a purchase and deciding on the vehicle that will be a good fit and a good investment down the road in a long term, the vehicle that requires less maintenance, less time, and, of course, less money.

Ultimately, if car value depreciation is still something that won't give you rest, you definitely want to find a vehicle that will retain as much of its initial value as possible. In a nutshell, you want to invest in a car that is low-maintenance, reliable, safe, and with an emphasizes on efficiency in general. Surprisingly or not, the good news is that all of these elements and aspects can be combined in one car that can guarantee that each pennyworth the purchase and will pay off in a longer-term. So today we would like to inspire you with a few popular car models that definitely won’t require too much maintenance, reliable, effective, pay off all the money, and, in general, ensure a lower value depreciation compared to the rest available on the market in the equivalent and the same categories.

Chevrolet Spark Hatchback

When it comes to cars that are cheap to maintain, Chevrolet Spark Hatchback is right there on the top, winning the competition with an overall lowest five-year cost of ownership and a significantly lower purchase price compared to the other car models in the same category and with similar features. A powerful and fuel-efficient vehicle, Chevrolet Spark also comes with a good safety rating and decent reliability, which is very important when considering and determining the car’s potential loss of value.

Kia Rio

In recent days, Kia Rio seems like a strong contender in a bunch of categories and yet again it is close to the top in terms of low maintenance. With a recent and almost total makeover in terms of safety systems and additional comfort, Kia Rio is also proud to boast a motor makeover of its 1.6-litre 4-cylinder engine that now guarantees a better experience when navigating traffic and climbing hills.

Hyundai Accent

Recently enough Hyundai Accent has gone through a significant makeover and it is now a sedan instead of the older hatchback version. The makeover comes with a slightly improved fuel efficiency too and with a more expanded tech suit. Safety systems are significantly improved too. Finally, Accent is one of the cheapest models offered by Hyundai on the market and it definitely deserved your attention.

Toyota Corolla iM

Toyota Corolla iM is a popular favourite of all different types of drivers as t is versatile enough to fir different lifestyles. In addition, the car models are reliable enough, guaranteeing a good handling and a solid fuel economy thanks to its 1.8-litre 4-cylinder engine. The manufacturers of Toyota Corolla iM have definitely upped their game in terms of safety systems too as one of the best features of the car model include pre-collision warning and a driver-assist.

Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai Elantra is yet another contender in this list that have gone through a recent major makeover and it is now equipped with some very functional and cool drivers safety features, heated outside mirrors, and enhanced performance and handling powered by a new 4-cylinder engine. In a nutshell, Hyundai Elantra is a has a strong emphasis on value and reliability.

Kia Soul

Soul is yet another Kia model that requires less maintenance. To add up even more to this, Soul is very easy on the wallet in terms of fuel efficiency and overall value. It is a car that is fun to drive, boasts a 5-star safety rating, and even features an all-electric model for all the eco-friendly drivers out there.

Honda HR-V

Honda HR-V definitely deserves its spot in this list as it is a great example of low-maintenance and cost-effective subcompact/SUV crossover that worth every penny. It may be smaller than its SUV cousins, however, Honda HR-V is roomy and comfortable enough. If this is not enough for you, Honda HR-V is definitely one of the cheapest and easiest to maintain reliable car models on the market and ensures a great fuel-economy.