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Top Six Reasons to Switch to an Electric Car

Top Six Reasons to Switch to an Electric Car

Buying a new car is an important decision you cannot make light-headed. It is an investment, often the most expensive addition for the household, therefore this decision worth taking a lot of time, making in-depth research, gathering a lot of opinions, recommendations, advice, etc. It is more than likely that a buyer will give the new electric car models the same treatment. Especially considering the fact that the newest generation of vehicles on the road is something the average buyer is still not used to.


Still not that widely covered around the world, electric cars on the road are not that common, despite the fact they gain more and more popularity with every new day. However, when making such a big investment, every buyer will be hesitant on whether or not it is worth it to give these advanced vehicles ago. However, the movement of the electric car is gaining more and more traction thanks to the fact that electric cars come with a lot of benefits and advantages over the classic car models. In order to make your decision easier, if you are considering the purchase of an electric car, or simply to help you understand the beneficial nature of these vehicles, let’s find out what are the top six advantages of the electric car models.

Financial Inducement

The fuel cost is not the only thing you can experience as a financial incentive when you switch to an electric car. While the electric car trend is still gaining traction in many corners of the world, slowly but surely, some countries have already hopped on the wagon and adopted the idea of a vehicle from a new generation quicker than others. As a result, in some countries of the world, there are additional financial incentives for owning and driving an electric car.


Norway, for example, is a leading example with the tax incentives and discounts offered to every driver of an electric car. More and more countries are now understanding the eco-beneficial nature of electric and hybrid vehicles and in the result are adapting policies, laws, and regulations to contribute to the higher demand for electric cars, which includes additional financial incentives and inducement. So, if you are on a fence and wondering whether to invest into a classic petrol vehicle or an electric car and the only thing making this a dilemma is a cost of exchanging, you definitely want to check the current discounts and offers in your city before you make a final decision.

Save on Running Costs

Things get even better because besides the fact you will most probably be able to get some discounts from the government for owning and driving an electric car, with such a vehicle you are also able to save from operational costs. Remember every time you get mad because of the constantly rising price of petrol and gas? No more reasons to worry about that, because electric cars are the best solution to the problem of dwindling resources.


Electricity is far more renewable and affordable than gas and petrol. In addition, the ability to charge your car just like any other electronic device you own ensures so much more comfort and convenience. Thanks to the advanced concept of electric cars, the new electric engines are created in a way they eliminate a majority of the problems and issues someone will experience with a classic petrol or gas car, which will save you significantly more money such a service and repair costs.

Convenience of Charging

Never run out of gas or petrol, just imagine the great comfort of being able to charge up your car at home. This can happen if you own an electric car model. You will never have to worry about running out of petrol and where the nearest petrol station is, the only thing you have to remember is plugging your electric car every night to make sure it is fully charged for the next day. Additionally, with electric cars, you have the choice of using power sourced by a few different methods and find the one that works the best for you. You can be as eco-friendly as you want and opt for installing solar panels or setting up a small wind turbine in your backyard and get enough renewable energy for charging up your car. Oh, what a great feeling to become independent of the fuel pump.

Improved Safety

As a car buyer you are definitely interested in the safety features different car models are offering, therefore these will be important for you when considering an electric car model too. Thankfully, so electric car models tested in recent years have proven they provide safety features that are better and more effective compared to the classic car models. It is safe to say that electric cars are becoming more and safer than petrol engines and the main reason for that is the more passenger-friendly use of space of electric cars. In addition, with electric cars, the centre of gravity is lower, which significantly improves the stability of the car.

Eco-Friendly Choice

Of course, one of the main reasons surfacing when it comes to electric cars and their benefits and advantages is the fact that electric cars are an eco-friendly solution that helps to reduce the carbon footprint and reduce the environmental impact. As environmental consciousness and more sustainable ways of living our everyday lives gain more and more traction among people, the popularity of electric cars is growing more and more too, with an expected boom soon enough.


Any reduction of the current levels of traffic pollution is well-welcomed and the alternative of electric cars seems to be the best solution at the moment, therefore many governmental policies are soon to be changed in this direction. The environmental impact of your car highly depends on the methods used for sourcing the energy required for running it and there is no doubt that some methods of electricity production are less eco-friendly than others. However, as a whole, more electric cars on the road means less environmental impact and a more sustainable and conscious attitude towards nature.

Breathe Easy

And in addition to the topic discussed just above, we should remind you that there is nothing healthy or good about the burning of fuel that happens when you drive classic petrol or diesel vehicle. All the burned fuel gasses in the air have their direct impact when inhaled by people, animals, plant life. Electric cars bypass the production of harmful gasses and definitely ensure a cleaner future when we can all breathe easier.