Hybrid Cars Explained

Hybrid Cars Explained

Are you interested in hybrid cars? Before you rush to explore what the hybrid cars market has to offer, you better take as much time as needed to understand what exactly is a hybrid car and how it works. Next you can decide if this type of vehicle is right up your alley and you can continue discovering some of the best hybrid cars offers around you. This useful guide to hybrid cars will hopefully help you make up your mind if a hybrid car actually suits you and what you want to be aware of before further exploring all hybrid cars provided by your local dealership.


So if you are looking for hybrid cars, you first want to fully understand how a hybrid car works and does it suit you and meet your requirements. A hybrid car is a type of vehicle that uses a combination of a petrol or diesel engine with an electric motor. The main reason why people are interested in hybrid cars and the main advantages of this type of vehicle are that due to the fact that consumption of conventional fuel is lower, hybrid cars emit less Carbon dioxide. In order to support the choice of hybrid cars as a more eco-friendly option compared to classic petrol or diesel motors, it is also decided that hybrid car owners can benefit from lower first-year road tax and company car tax, also possibly avoiding congestion charges. Do you like hybrid cars even more now?

How Does a Hybrid Car Work?

Hybrid cars include all hybrid cars that come with a combination of a conventional engine that could be either a petrol or diesel one and an electric motor and a battery. Hybrid cars are divided into three main categories of hybrid cars. Each one of them works in a different way, let’s find out more.

Parallel Hybrid Cars

Parallel hybrid cars are the most common type you can find on hybrid cars. A great example of a parallel hybrid car is probably the most popular hybrid car on the market right now – Toyota Prius. This type of hybrid car comes with wheels that can be powered in three different ways – directly by the engine, by the electric motor of the car alone, and by the engine and electric motor working together.


This type of hybrid cars is highly sought after on the market today, because parallel hybrid cars are great, very convenient and economical for stop-start city driving, using mainly the power of the electric battery. However, once the speed increases, the petrol engine cuts into play and it is used mostly during hard acceleration. In addition, every time you accelerate or use the breakers of the car, the braking system produces the electrical energy that is stored for use later on.

Range Extender Hybrid Cars

The specific thing about these hybrid cars is that they use the conventional petrol or diesel engine to produce electricity that is stored by a generator that charges the battery of the car. The conventional engine of this type of hybrid cars is never used for driving, it is used only for charging the electric battery. One of the most popular examples of this category of hybrid cars comes from BMW and their i3 model and the Honda Jazz model.

Plug-in Hybrid Cars

This category of hybrid cars includes all cars that can be plugged into an electric outlet for recharging their batteries, hence the name. Plug-in hybrids can also be charged on the move. This type of hybrid cars are considered a mix of conventional hybrid cars and electric vehicles. What makes more specific this type of hybrid cars sale offers is that they have a conventional engine, however, their electric batteries are larger compared to classic hybrids, therefore, they can drive longer using the electric power alone. The number of this type of hybrid cars is currently growing and the hybrid cars market will probably see an increased number of new launches in the next years.

What Makes Hybrid Cars Beneficial?

Having a look at hybrid cars and checking the hybrid cars regularly is definitely worth it. At the moment, hybrid cars enjoy great popularity, mainly because the feeling of driving a hybrid car is absolutely the same as the feeling of driving a conventional automatic car, which means you are making no compromises with the performance and quality. In addition, there are many hybrid cars that come with stronger and more powerful systems, ranging from eco to power, so as a driver you are able to choose between a pretty good variety of efficiency and performance when checking the hybrid cars available to you, depending on what you need and your requirements.


In addition, hybrid cars are often preferred more compared to fully electric cars, because in the case of hybrid cars, range anxiety is not an issue and you don’t have to worry and look for charging stations all the time since a hybrid car's vehicle will recharge its own battery. There are also tax benefits of hybrid car ownership, although they are not as big as they used to be a few years back. Therefore, it is recommended to have a look at the current hybrid cars and keep an eye on the hybrid cars market. Keeping up with all hybrid cars on the hybrid cars sale market will help you find and choose a hybrid car that best fits your requirements of efficiency and performance while fitting within your budget.

Why Choose a Hybrid Car?

Choosing a hybrid car is entirely a personal decision and depends on your driving requirements and conditions. However, a hybrid car is a great option if you do most of your mileage in and around the town because you will able to experience most of the benefits of this type of vehicle by using mostly electric power. Hybrid cars offer free travel thanks to the power of electricity and are an eco-friendly choice.