6 Unique Sports Cars

6 Unique Sports Cars When mentioning sports cars and supercars, most of the people envision and think of the typical car brands and models that you can see featured in movies and music videos of superstars. However, there are some very unique sports cars that you do not even imagine existing and only proper car fans know about them. Yes indeed, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maybach, and Aston Martin are definitely not the only car manufacturers producing motors with impressive technology and design and today we are going to share which are six more amazing sports cars you have probably never heard of.

Cardi Curara

One of the few Russian made sports cars which already make it a unique one, Cardi Curara is truly a hidden gem we are about to popularize more today. Rocking a very Bugatti Veyron design with a few style twists, this two-seated sports beauty is, unfortunately, not as popular as it deserves. With a BMW V12’s engine, Cardi Curara has the full potential to turn into your new sports car favourite in terms of performance and appearance.

B.Engineering Edonis

B.Engineering Edonis is definitely a car made to show off with. Like literarily, the car is created with the one and only reason that the B.Engineering manufacturer could show off that they can create such a cool sports car and the company is capable of producing something with premium quality and high class. In fact, there is nothing left to do other than being proud if you are owning such luxurious beauty! However, if you really own one, you are truly lucky, because only 21 of these beauties was even built. Seeing the Edonis on the road is an extremely rare occasion and you should be happy if you ever spotted it somewhere.

Breckland Beira

Breckland Technologies is the relatively unknown British car manufacturer that launched this relatively unknown gem that Beira is and the lack of popularity is such a shame because this bad boy definitely deserves all the attention and love. However, we guess that the rarity and lack of popularity of all these amazing sports cars make them even more special and unique. Exactly this is the fate of the cool Beira, because Breckland Technologies specializes in producing specialist cars in very small volumes. Seeing a Breckland Beira in person is a very rare occasion and once again, you are very lucky if you already did spot one on the road!

Donkervoot D8

Despite the quirky and rather unusual design, the amazing Donkervoot D8 is nothing but an ultra-light and impressively fast motor that you can lust after. It is really impressive how the manufacturers have managed to match all this uniqueness and quirkiness in just 630kg of weight and this is definitely a reason for the amazing performance of the vehicle that can easily go from 0 to 100 in between 3.8 and 5.2 seconds. Pretty impressive, right? The Donkervoot company is pretty small and relatively unknown and this is why you are probably hearing the brand’s name for the first time while reading this article. As the name suggests, the company is based in the Netherlands and it has less than 30 employees, all of them specialising in producing ultra-light sports cars.

Artega GT

One more real hidden gem produced by a very small company based in Germany with only around 50 employees, the GT model created by Argeta is a rare beauty and a rare speed monster too. The carbon fibre reinforced body is not the only thing to impress you here, because the vehicle is capable of easily doing from 0 to 100 in just 4.8 seconds and has a top speed of over 270km/h, which is pretty unexpected and surprising with its Volkswagen sourced engine. The Argeta company is a relatively new one established in 2006 and we just cannot be not excited about what peaks the brand is going to reach to with such an impressive start with the GT. Unfortunately, the produce of GT has been already stopped which makes seeing one in person a pretty rare thing.

Ascari A10

The A10 car model is produced by a British manufacturer Ascari and it features an impressive BMW V8 engine along with a carbon fibre chassis and racing-derived suspension. Not bad, right, and things get even cooler! Ascar A10 lands on 6th place in the 2014 Top Gear’s ranking of the fastest cars in the world! It couldn’t be any other way since the car company is actually named after the first double world formula one champion Alberto Ascari.
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