Used Car Selling Tips - Part 1

Used Car Selling Tips - Part 1 Being a private car seller, you are probably looking for a number of things, the most important ones of them being how to sell your car quicker, easier, without the hassle and fuss of dealing with way too many clients and how to get a higher price for the second-hand vehicle. Well, besides the fact it is pretty much how your luck works and what kind of people you are going to meet while selling your used car, there are a lot of responsibilities you have before the final agreement, or rather some easy steps you can make in order to get closer to a successful agreement. Here is what our experienced specialists often recommend:


The proper preparation is a key moment of every second-hand vehicle selling process. Keep remembering that even the smallest detail can make potential clients walk away. After all, some people may decide that minor blemishes are there, because of major problems and issues, or that you neglect the car in general and don’t pay attention to even the smallest details. First of all, be sure all the paperwork and documentation is ok. Make sure the car is fully valeted and re-MOT the car if it is due to expire in the next 3 months or less. Next, make sure your car looks as good as possible. Invest in professional inside and outside cleaning service, or do it for yourself. Go and shine up the vehicle, because this will make a positive and long-lasting first impression. Never underestimate the power of good looks. Pay special attention to tyres, they also need a good wash.


Well, negotiations are the sweetest part of the whole agreement, at least we think so. Of course, if you are not in negotiations, you can skip this part, however many potential clients will come and try to beat down the price offered. Be sure to leave a room for negotiations and offer a price slightly higher at the beginning. Don’t forget to have your down limit and stick to it, otherwise you may get tempted to sell the vehicle quicker, but for a lower price than your expectations and later on, you may regret the deal. Use an independent source and do your thoughtful research to determine retail value.


Use websites like and online car markets to spread the word you are selling a used vehicle. This step may cost some extra expenses, however that way you are reaching a large target auditory. Be creative and create your unique advertising content accomplished by a lot of nice photos. Be fun and entertaining, but not too much, otherwise, people may doubt your seriousness. Be informative in the first place and always be honest!

Stay tuned for used car selling tips – part 2! We hope that we can provide you with some fresh new ideas if you are planning to sell your car and make the process easier and more enjoyable for you with our professional recommendations and advice.
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