How to Sell Your Car For More Money - Part 1

How to Sell Your Car For More Money - Part 1 Selling your second-hand car seems like an easy-peasy job, but this trade action still has some specifics that are good to know. And we are about to share them with you today! We highly doubt if there is someone, who doesn’t want to find a quick and easy way to earn some money. Especially when it comes to selling your used vehicle. To be honest, finding a way that will ensure you are earning money faster and without too much elbow grease is nevertheless a hard job, however, millions of people around the world don’t stop trying every day.

Second-hand vehicle trading seems like one of the good ways to do so, especially for people, who are naturally enthusiastic about and love cars and vehicles. However, trading with cars is a bit more difficult and requires a bit more than the infamous trading with apples – the way Rockefeller started gathering his fortune many years ago. That is why, in case you want to start a business of selling second-hand cars or simply find a way to sell your used vehicle, you should be extra cautious and smart. What should you know about used cars selling and buying? Here are the top 10 tips provided by the experts!

Buy cheap, sell expensive

This is one of the bases of every type of business and the quickest and easiest way to earn some profit. The main way of getting money from the used car trading activity is finding the cheapest cars on the market, buying them and then re-sell them at the highest price possible. However, the easier all this sounds, it is pretty much a difficult job. Leave all the emotions outside this whole process, because you cannot rely on just buying a car you like and hoping for immediately finding the right buyer for this car… or finding a buyer at all. In addition, the lowest price of a used car is something we should be very cautious about in all cases.

The used vehicle market has its ups and downs all the time. Normally, re-selling a used car is the hardest in the first three months of the year, which means that this is a good time for buying a used car. In addition, the car market is linked to the general economic situation in the country and in the world. With that being said, if there is an economic crisis, inflation or a slowdown of the real estate market, it is hardly expected that people would like to buy cars too, even if a second-hand vehicle. This is a good moment for buying second-hand cars, which in a moment of economic crisis people sell for significantly less, but then you should be entirely sure that you will be able to re-sell all these cars.

Browse online

The time of newspaper adverts and car magazines is gone. Now everything you need is online and you get the full access to so much more information that is updated regularly. In order to find the right vehicle on the right price, you should take your time and browse online as much as needed. Remember, you are hardly the one looking for a great bargain online, so react quickly whenever you find something you are interested in. Start with the big websites that are dedicated to second-hand car trade only, such as Mobeo. Look through all the page and do not focus on the first pages of the website only, you never know what you will be able to find with a bit more browsing. Do not rely on the pictures in the listings only, too. Sometimes behind the poor quality and bad pictures you can find a real diamond. Other times the vehicle looks amazing in the picture, but not in real life.

Go with your gut

Cars are not good at hiding secrets, which is a good thing for you. For example, the amount of fuel in the tank can tell you a lot about the way the owner takes care and maintains the car. In this line of thoughts, when buying and selling a previously loved car, make sure to go with your gut. If a certain situation or seller seems to be too suspicious, no matter how good the offer is, better skip it. You can always make a second call in case you make up your mind, but you can also save yourself a lot of troubles and nerves.

Check twice, buy once

The best cars under the sun have deserved their recognition because they are speedy enough and fun to drive. However, you can expect these cars to have a pretty much difficult past, full of testing and aggressive and load-bearing operations, which in some cases leads to issues with the car. A few scratches here and there is a signal that you are observing an honest car with an honest owner, who wants to sell it, however always make sure that before you buy the car, it is checked by a professional beforehand. Always think twice before purchasing a used car and inspect thoroughly every issue and how much will cost you fixing this issue. In case fixing all the possible imperfections will cost you more than what you will earn from re-selling the car, we highly recommend you skip the offer. In addition, always be a bit more suspicious to cars that look like almost brand new, but come at a very low price.

Make sure to stay tuned for part two of the article!
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