Used Car Selling Tips – Part 2

Used Car Selling Tips – Part 2 Check out used car selling tips - part 1 for more useful and helpful tips. Our experienced specialists try and help you sell your second-hand vehicle quicker, easier and without any hassle, simply follow their recommendations and you will enjoy smooth negotiations and successful final agreement if you are a private car seller.

Of course, selling your used car can be a really pleasant, or at least not that overwhelming and stressful process, if you pay attention to some details. Most of these won’t cost anything and they are also not time-consuming and complex, however, they almost fully guarantee success. Spread the word for you selling your second-hand car, reach a large target auditory and serious potential buyers and advertise your content like a pro. Besides preparing the car itself, master the art of negotiations and get the advantage of free online vehicle selling platforms, here is what you can do in order to get one step closer to a successful final agreement:

The good old BTL marketing

There is a legend, or maybe it is not a legend that years ago the marketing manager of a popular and powerful company, while calculating the monthly expenditure of the company, suddenly guessed that he had forgotten the advertising costs and wrote them down below-the-line, where the BTL abbreviation comes from. What includes the modern BTL advertising? It is direct advertising and marketing in a creative way. Here is an idea for a simple marketing you can practice, when you are selling your car – simply put a “for sale” sign and park the car at some place that is visited by many people daily, a shopping centre is a good idea. Well, outside the modern and fancy abbreviations, this advertising trick is nothing more than oldie, but goldie! Simply make sure that it is legal to park the car for longer and don’t forget to put your phone number on.


Count of honest and clear communication and don’t show off. Be real with people for the reason you are selling the vehicle and its real condition. Describe your overall experience with the car and if asked, give your recommendations and suggestions on how the car is going to fit into someone’s lifestyle and road experience.

Test drives

Be open to the idea of people test driving your car. After all, would you buy a new car, if you cannot test it? The same goes with other people and the reason behind test driving is not only potential buyers can make sure you are not hiding some major car faults, but also because of the fact, people would like to try and see how they feel the car and if it is what they are really in need of. However, test driving has its specific rules for maximum safety and security for you and the potential buyer. Never let people test your car alone! They may never come back. If the potential buyer asks for a professional inspection, don’t panic, they are not suspicious, they are rather serious.

There are not a number of valid rules that guarantee only success when you are selling your car, however, there are certain steps you can make in order to make the process easier and hassle-free.
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