How to Value Your Car, When Selling it?

How to Value Your Car, When Selling it? If you are planning to sell your car and list it on the market, the first thing you are concerned about is what price to decide on. Of course, this happens with everyone trying to sell their cars and everyone would enjoy getting more money from the future buyer. However, if you set a price too high, there is a big chance for no future potential buyer at all and no interest for your second-hand car on the market. On the other hand, how do you know you do not sell your vehicle for too cheap? Here are what our online market experts recommending you to do!

Take your time for research

The Internet is your partner in crime for this goal by giving you dozens of opportunities to see the current interest and situation of the second-hand vehicle international market. Do not search the Internet for general information and outlook, focus on the exact model you are going to sell and also the area where you are selling. Be sure to take your notes for the interest on this particular model, try and exchange some information and initiate a discussion in forums and blogs for more opinions to work with. You can also find some useful tools around the Internet that will help you calculate the value of your car approximately. Keep in mind that selling a used car is a pretty individual thing and things like condition, mileage, age, etc. are also very essential aspects of your own agreement. Here you can find our tips on what to do before buying a used car.

Local car dealers

Do not hesitate to call some local car dealers and ask how much they are willing to pay for your car. If there are extras fitted to your car and also some minor or major repairs you are going to pay for before selling it, be sure to calculate them to the final listing price. When finally listing your car online, set the price at a round number. For example, instead of pitching it at £6,990, it would be better to simply put on £7,000, because this little trick increases the chance your online advert to be closer to the search engine top results since people usually refer their results as “second-hand cars priced at £7,000 and under”.

Be realistic with valuing the car

Be sure to settle on a price that will attract a lot of potential buyers, however, it is not too low for your taste. When selling your car you can expect negotiations, so be sure to allow a room for the price to be beaten down a little bit. For your personal comfort set the minimum price you are willing to sell your vehicle on and try to stick to it, just don’t lose your hope! If there are any topics you are interested in, Mobeo team would be glad to be able to provide you with information, discuss interesting topics and also help you make the car selling experience easier for you to understand and survive!
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