The Car Fuel Guide – Part 2

The Car Fuel Guide – Part 2 In car fuel guide – part 1, you can find our recommendations and advice, if you are planning to purchase a petrol- or diesel-engined used car. Today we will discuss the other two options you have when you are shopping for a second-hand vehicle and these are a hybrid and electric car.

Although petrol-engined and diesel cars are still on the top of the list of the most popular car fuel engines in the UK, vehicle developers are annually coming up with great ideas and innovations that can work as a great substitute. Although hybrid and electric cars are nothing new on the market, they still gain their popularity on the second-hand vehicle's market, however, we believe that they are soon going to be a serious performer under the spotlight and will play a big role. Of course, when planning to buy a used car, you have to think of how its specifics are going to fit into your lifestyle and requirements, so this is a matter of personal preferences. Here are just a few ideas and recommendations on when and why to settle on a hybrid or electric car.

Electric car

An alternative-fuel car such as an electric car may turn out to be your perfect partner in crime, fitting in your lifestyle and playing a great role. Although electric cars are already not the most current innovation on the market, we believe that the way they function in the out of the factory urban environment is pretty enigmatic for many people. In fact, what the electric car can do and the way it works is the same way the “normal” diesel and petrol-engined car work. Besides the obvious similarities, electric cars are designed, however as an improved version of the normal vehicles. For example, buying a second-hand electric car is a very economical and cost-efficient decision, because they are cheap to run. Low taxes, low charging costs and pleasant to drive are amongst their best features.

The not that pleasant side of buying an electric car is the fact that they are not a good idea for long journeys. In the best case, this vehicle would do no more than 100 miles without the need of recharging. In addition, recharging, in this case, is not that easy as it is it “normal” fuel and you have to plan in advance and schedule regular charging into your routine.


Well, if you are really not that keen on the idea of purchasing an electric car, but you still want to be eco-friendly and reduce motoring emissions and pollution, a hybrid is the best option for you. Hybrid cars combine a conventional fuel engine with an electric motor for more alternatives.

With a hybrid you have the best of both worlds – you practically can enjoy the benefits of the electric motoring and when you need more power for longer travels, you can fill up at any fuel station and not worry about recharging and so, so hybrids come offering a great flexibility. However, hybrids tend to be quite expensive to own even on the used cars market. And after all, if you need a car for longer journeys and you are a driver with a high mileage, why to buy the hybrid, when you already have the diesel engine option? We would be glad to be able to help you with the information gathered. Feel free to request articles on topics you are interested in and Mobeo team will provide you with the information needed!
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