The Best Used Cars On The Market

The Best Used Cars On The Market Recently we have shared with you the ranking made and published by TUV, a German professional car examination company, regarding the best and worst second-hand cars available on the market, depending on the results collected and observed after thousands and thousands of car inspections made last year. Today we continue discussing the topic and we hope that you find these articles helpful and interesting, whenever you are planning to invest your money into a preloved and perused car.

Whenever you are looking for a second-hand vehicle, perhaps the most reliable opinion you can get is provided by the car owners themselves (excluding the cases, when the car owner want to sell their used car). This is exactly the logic behind the ranking made and published by Consumer Reports. The American organisation not only tests cars but also gathers feedback and opinions from the car owners themselves and the followers of the Consumer Reports are more than 1 million, which pretty much means that you can expect the ranking we will share with you below is reliable.

The ranking published by Consumer Reports features the best and worst second-hand cars manufactured within the last 10 years. The cars in the ranking are divided into a few groups according to the price – cars up to $10000, cars between $10000 and $15000, cars between $15000 and $20000 and cars between $20000 and $25000. The ranking also features cars divided by models – sedans, SUVs and smaller cars. Despite the fact that the ranking of Consumer Reports features cars that are manufactured on the US market, you can still find a lot of important and useful information in this article, because most of the car models mentioned in the ranking are available on the European market too.

Up to $10,000

The leader of the group of the small cars is Pontiac Vibe from 2008, which is also the only American car featured in the ranking. The truth is that Pontiac Vibe is very similar to Toyota Matrix. The best sedan in this price range is Hyundai Sonata from 2007, while the group of SUVs is dominated by Toyota RAV4 from 2003.

Between $10,000 and $15,000

Surprisingly, this price category is dominated by Japanese car models only. When it comes to the group of the smaller cars, the two leaders here are Honda Fit and Mazda 3, both manufactured in 2010. The sedans are dominated by two leaders too – these are Honda Accord V6 from 2006 and Honda Acura TL from 2005. The best performing car models in the SUV group are Toyota RAV4 from 2006 and Honda CR-V from 2005. There are two leaders in the group of bigger SUVs too and these are Toyota Highlander from 2005 and Infiniti FX from 2004.

Between $15,000 and $20,000

The winners in the group of the smaller cars are Toyota Prius from 2010 and Hyundai Elantra from 2011. The winners in the group of the sedans are Toyota Camry from 2011 and Infiniti M from 2006. The leaders in the SUV category are Honda Pilot from 2007 and Mazda CX-9 from 2008.

Between $20,000 and $25,000

In this price category, it is probably impossible to find a small second-hand car. However, the leader of the group of the sedans in the most expensive category in this ranking is the first German car included in the ranking – BMW 328i from 2009 that shares the first place together with Infiniti G from 2009 and Toyota Avalon from 2010. The dominating cars models in the groups of the SUVs are Acura MDX from 2007 and Lexus RX from 2008.
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