10 Hybrids We Love

10 Hybrids We Love We know that the modern hybrid cars on the market are an eco-friendly and cost-efficient option because they burn less fuel. In addition, the new hybrids on the market look cool and trendy, equipped and offering special functions, comfort and practical convenience. And with so much beneficial features, including technical excellence, smart and innovative systems and good look, you are probably going to think that hybrids are pretty expensive to purchase. Well, you would be right, if you think so, but if you keep reading this article, it may be pretty helpful, providing you with useful information about the 10 cheapest hybrids we love a lot!

Volkswagen Golf GTE

The latest hybrid version is a pretty wallet-friendly option. People report about a lot of similarities of the road behaviour of this hybrid version to the normal Golf version, but the hybrid one coming in addition with an all-electric range of 31 miles. This hybrid offers the option to run in fully electric mode.

Citroen DS5 Hybrid

A luxurious look, a spacious coupe and a smart electric system – what more can you ask for with this Citroen hybrid? This model is also the first car produced, that uses the combination of a diesel-electric powertrain system, which makes it a great car for high-mileage drivers. A free road tax is another benefit coming with the purchase of this Citroen hybrid.

BMW i3

With this fun BMW mini, you have two options – you can have it in the fully electric version, or you can have the hybrid version with a small 2-cylinder diesel engine. BMW i3’s system offers a perfectly improved everyday usability, which makes this mini hybrid one of our favourite city cars.

Peugeot 3008

Peugeot 3008 is a member of the extremely popular MPV/SUC class, sharing the popularity with Kia, Nissan and Volkswagen. Unfortunately, while there are some improvements done, this Peugeot model still lacks positive feedback in some aspects.

Toyota Prius+

Here is a great combination of a 7-seater spacious hybrid with a low running costs system. We see this Toyota hybrid as the perfect family car because it is not only economical and cost-effective, but also very convenient, functional and versatile.

Ford Mondeo Hybrid

The hybrid version of the very popular and loved Ford Mondeo brings a new excitement to the car market world. Although coming with a pretty low fuel economy compared to the other options in this list, this Ford Mondeo can offer no road taxes, affordable price, functionality and comfort.

Lexus CT200h

This first compact premium Lexus car turns out to be a bit of a challenge for the brand. Typical and emblematic for Lexus, here we have an elegant and also aerodynamic exterior and a spacious interior. All we can think of when looking at this Lexus beauty is of high quality and style. However, Lexus still has a work to do in order to improve the battery charged engine.

Toyota Prius

A perfect example of a very popular car model, Toyota Prius is loved for its proven hybrid system, good right quality, a smooth CVT gearbox and a lot of car safety.

Toyota Auris Hybrid

Often criticised for a mediocre quality, this Toyota hybrid comes with a noisy CVT box. However, we cannot help, but love it for the good interior and boot space, impressive fuel economy, climate control, LED running lights, stability control and a pretty fascinating car safety system.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid

This Toyota Yaris offers pretty good fuel economy and it is a good city car option because for short distance it can run fully in electric mode. However, we still believe there are a few improvements that can be done for this Yaris beauty, to make it more functional.
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