How to Make a Second Hand Car Look Like New – Part 2

How to Make a Second Hand Car Look Like New – Part 2 We have already shared a few tips and simple ideas on how to refresh the overall appearance of your car, if it is already on the older side, however still very reliable, functional and not ready to take the last ride to the junkyard. In addition, these ideas would be also very helpful for used car-buyers that are ready to compromise with a few minor faults and imperfections in order to get a good deal for a good price. We came up with a few more hints on how to make every second-hand car look like new and today we share them with you!

Revitalise the air conditioner!

Car’s air conditioning systems often can be an issue of dust and mould build-ups. In fact, leaves and other grime can be accumulated in the air passageways and if you want to clean the air conditioning system of your car, cleaning the air passageways is the first thing you have to start with. Then any filter in the system has to be also cleaned, or if needed – replaced. To finish things off and as a final touch, you can use an air-conditioning deodoriser.

Take care of the rubbers!

Rubbers, they are everywhere and they also will experience some wear and tear with time, so you have to take care of them! If the rubber doors trim tear down with time, this will lead to gaps that will let cold air and wind during the colder months, let heat escape and let the cold air from the air-conditioning system escape, when it is too hot outside. To replace the rubber trims you only need a good adhesive and a little bit of a patience. The trims are also not expensive at all and you can totally replace them by yourself. Still in this line of thoughts, don’t forget to check out the condition of the rubber windshield wiper blades and replace them, if they are brittle or ragged.


Well, we don’t talk about a full new coat of fresh paint, but more like filling some gaps here and there. However, the use of touch-up paint also needs to be used carefully, otherwise you risk to end up with a patchwork-looking car. Spray cans are a great option for changing and refreshing a bit areas on your car’s exterior, making a big difference on black parts that have faded to grey shade with time.


Shocks, springs, dampers, struts, brake rotors and pads, if you want to go that extra mile and invest in all of these in order to upgrade your car, then go and do it! However, if you are on a budget and not ready for this kind of extremes, then invest in a few little things. New shock absorbers, new ball joints, new tie rod ends – all of these make a great difference, just stay within your budget and mechanical knowledge and abilities.

Have a look at the wheels and tires!

Do you want a better performance from your tires? Then have a look at them and check if they are properly inflated, or maybe they need to be replaced. Good tires enable your car to do everything better, so if you have the chance to invest in only one car’s upgrade, don’t hesitate to choose the tires. Of course, a new set of tires won’t be the cheapest thing in the world, but they are still way cheaper than a new car.
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