How to Make a Second Hand Car Look Like New – Part 1

How to Make a Second Hand Car Look Like New – Part 1 You know, for many of us it is hard to pass out the car parked in our garage since our late teen years. Sometimes old cars are pass through generations, from father to son as a family treasure. In other families, the young adults quickly get tired of the used cars long before they are used-up cars. And finally, purchasing a car from the second-hand vehicle market is definitely not a rare thing nowadays and with the economic situation. Everyone is trying to save a penny and many used car buyers are often ready to compromise with small minor faults and imperfections in order to get a good deal. Today we will give you a few ideas on how to refresh the look of your used car and make it feel like almost brand new, so you are no more tired with the worn out interior and the not-so-perfect exterior. It is not hard at all, here are a few simple hints and tricks on how to achieve improvement without breaking the bank and spending too much of your precious time on the project!

Clean everything!

Well, you don’t even expect how much this will spice up the relationship between you and your used car! And no, we are not talking about just a quick and “cosmetic” job, but for a thorough cleaning! Make sure you scrub to perfection everything you can reach, remove all the unnecessary staff, all the empty bottles, etc., take care about upholstery, carpet, glass, dashboard, don’t forget the trunk and be sure to clean to perfection every nook and corner inside and outside. You will be impressed with how your car will instantly start to look years "younger" when you are ready!

Fix the inside components!

Do the steering wheel and dashboard look old and worn? Then it is a good idea to invest in new covers and they are not that expensive at all, but will totally transform the beaten up look. Broken knobs and switches can be easily replaced in no time, the faded dashboard pad can always be painted and the worn fabric of the seats can be quickly replaced for almost no pennies with recycled covers found at a junkyard.


Some electronic parts of the car are often the first to go outdated, like for example the sound system. Manufacturers are releasing improvements many times a year and it is easy to feel your car almost vintage in a few months. Plus the new radios are very functional and integrate an iPod, iPhone or satellite radio that will definitely help your car take the short ride to the feature.

An aftermarket exhaust systems, aftermarket intake systems and air filters!

Well, they don’t do wonders, for sure, however, they can open up an older engine’s inhalation system and more. However, make sure to wait until your vehicle really needs that upgrade, because this is one of the more expensive ideas in this list.

Clear the lenses!

Back to tip number one, never neglect the lenses! For the vehicles that are built during the past few decades, they often have plastic composite headlamps that get dull with time. It takes only a few minutes and really a few pennies to pick up a headlight restoration.
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