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How to Take Photos of the Car You Are Selling – Part 1

How to Take Photos of the Car You Are Selling – Part 1

Advertising the car you are planning to sell on the Internet is a great option for reaching more and more potential buyers. With so much diversity when it comes to websites for selling used cars, you practically have all the targets in your area closer than ever and this is a great thing to know when hoping to sell. Such websites are great because they give you a great chance to sell and buy quick, easy and to enjoy an extensive variety of choice. In addition, this is a safe and secure way to browse and initiate a deal, negotiations and final agreement.

Besides the fact that this kind of trading websites give you amazing opportunities and help you reach your target, there are a few things you have to keep in mind when advertising and promoting the vehicle you are about to list for selling. In fact, the philosophy here is nothing that special and different than the ordinary marketing and PR we see every day all around us. Virtual trading and selling are still based on the simple rule that the look is selling.


Even more powerful - with internet browsers and users, people absorb and understand content mostly visually, which makes good photos and images one of the biggest selling points. Statistics show, that the most visited adverts are the ones with eye-catching and attractive images attached. However, besides the advertising and entertaining importance of the images, they also have to be informative and a great accompaniment to the content and information you are sharing with the potential buyers of the car.

Now, how to make a good, attractive and informative photos of the car you are planning to sell? What makes some photos attract more visitors? How to make your advert and content stand out? The first rule of the professional-level car photography is the look of the car itself. Forget about editing your photos and forget about expensive technology and professional camera lenses, you have to start with a clean and fresh “model”. Capturing the natural and honest condition and look of your car is essential and boosting its best visual features is the best you can do. Be sure to start taking photos only when your car is sparkling clean, tidy and clutter-free.

Once you are satisfied with the way your car looks in real life, let’s think about how it will look the best possible way on photos. Before taking the camera in your hands ask yourself – would I be ok with buying this car, if I was a potential buyer and look at it just the way it stands in front of me now? If your answer is “yes”, then we won’t discuss anymore the look of your car and we carry out with the actual photography tips and tricks.

Be sure to have a look at how to take photos of the car you are selling part 2 and get some inspiration and ideas on how to take the best pictures of your car! Stay tuned for more!