Where to Buy a Used Car From?

Where to Buy a Used Car From? When you are planning to buy a used car, you have a great choice of where to buy it from. We cannot say which the best option is, because every place is different and has its pros and cons and the same comes to your personal preferences and requirements. However, we can try to provide you with this short buying a used car checklist and what you can expect.

Franchise Dealer

Buying a second-hand car from a franchise dealer is a very good option for you in terms of reliability and safety. This alternative is ideal for you also if you want to buy a relatively new car in very good condition. That way you also can rest calm, because you are dealing with experts in the field with experience and knowledge accumulated, so they are able to offer often the best choice for your requirements and desires. Most of the franchise dealers would be happy to part-exchange your existing car, so this is another great option for you, if you want to get rid of your old car quicker and easier, without the hassle of selling it. However, buying a second-hand car from a franchise dealer is most certainly the most expensive option out there. If you believe the service is worth it and pays off the money, franchise dealers are reliable and trusted alternative.

Independent Dealer

The variety of options included under the umbrella of independent dealers is extensive. In the best case, you are going to find sites with the knowledge and experience of franchise dealers and often even more than that. Another good side of buying your car from an independent car dealer is the availability of competitive finance and warranty packages and also, once again, you probably would be able to part-exchange your existing car. You are also going to find sites that can offer newer cars than the franchise dealer and the service, in general, is cheaper than the previous option.

Car Supermarket

Car supermarkets are great, because they are cheap, offer a great variety of choice and also a fast turnover of stock. With car supermarkets, you are able to buy a car and drive it home the same day. However, the possible negatives of this option are that if you are going on a hunt for more specific car model you are probably going to struggle to find it because the models stocked are mostly mainstream. In addition, keep your eyes peeled for low part-exchange prices and an “admin fee” charge added.

Private Sellers

Choosing the private selling option, there is a great journey about to begin. Well, hunting down a good car can be fun and finding the ideal one is very exciting, however it could turn out to be very time-consuming and overwhelming at some point. The pros are that private sellers almost every time sell cheaper and that you are able to find older and rare car models. The cons – you have to comply with the seller and when it is convenient to test and view the car.


Auctions are not a good option for inexperienced and uninitiated car-buyers and we recommend you to visit a couple auctions and feel the spirit before buying a car. It is really easy to get excited and overwhelmed by the whole competition and passionate atmosphere and end up with a poor deal. In addition, with auctions, buying a second-hand car is pretty much dicey, because you don’t have the chance to test the car beforehand. In addition, you have a little legal back-up, in case the car ends up in poor condition and you are most certainly going to be charged with an admin fee on the top of the car price.
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