Your Kia Rio Colors Guide

Your Kia Rio Colors Guide

There is not a single thing we do not love about the Kia Rio car. Although the current Rio was released four years ago, it is one of those amazing sporty-looking minis that stays fashionable and impersonates current trends and an effortless style. In addition to the good look, this Kia Rio is also very well-built and very cheap to run. And to make things even more exciting for you, you can get the Kia Rio in your favourite colour for completely free!


That is right, colours are not additionally charged and you don’t have to worry about not being able to afford your favourite colour. Although the colour range is not that exclusively extensive, as it is with many new models on the market, there is still anything for anyone. And if you cannot tell it already, we love this Kia Rio beauty! Let’s have a look at the colour palette Kia Rio is coming in:

Clear White

Clear white is clearly a classic choice. Not to mention that the last couple of years are definitely the years of white cars that are very popular and trendy right now. However, buying a white car you have to be always aware of the fact it is not that easy to keep sparkling clean and ready-for-a-magazine-cover all the time and a thorough and regular cleaning routine is required. If you are ok with that, we think that white Kia Rio would look great on the road, wouldn’t it?

Midnight black

Well, Midnight black is way more practical choice than Clear white and you can easily understand white. Being very good in hiding the dirt, black doesn’t require that much attention besides making sure it gets a good and quality carwash in order to prevent white residue. Black is also a very popular colour on the used cars market and this is another point for Kia Rio.

Blaze red

Imagining a supermini, we imagine it is bright red. Well, red and superminis are one true pairing that is invented to live a happily ever afterlife. A bright red Kia Rio will stand out not only on the road but also on the second-hand car market if you decide to sell it later.

Urban blue

Urban blue is available only for the middle-of-the-range “2” and “3” variants. Urban blue is definitely an “easy” colour in terms of keeping the car look clean.

Bright silver

Another easy to maintain colour and yet another more preferred and popular colour on the second-hand car market.


If you are tired of the classic black and also tired of all the work for keeping the black car looks sparkling clean, then Graphite is a great option for you. Graphite is available on top-spec “4” modes only.

Yellow Zest

As the name suggests, Kia Rio in Yellow Zest is the more cheerful-looking and citrusy-appealing colour option in the whole range. This vibrant Yellow Zest Rio is targeted to the younger drivers group and is available for the SR-7 version of the Rio.