You Are What You Drive

You Are What You Drive If you don’t want to be a grilled chicken portion and you prefer to be a sleek and impressive supercar, then we are sure you will like our idea to rephrase the quote and say that you are what you drive! If you are over taking all the Facebook quizzes that reveal which Disney character are you and which Harry Potter novel protagonist matches your character, then take your time and have a look at our article and learn how your personality can be judged by the type of car you are driving.

How many stereotypes there are for certain car brand drivers? BMW-drivers, Mercedes-drivers, Volkswagen Golf-drivers… well, there are popular quotes and banters in almost every country around the world that are connected to some certain car brand for some reason. According to last year’s survey of almost 2,000 UK residents, over half of the respondents find a connection between the car someone drives and their confidence and attractiveness. Sadly, the survey shows that people believe that an attractive car makes you look more attractive than a decent job, confidence, intelligence, common interest. How about judging a book by it covers? For over a quarter of the respondents the type of car determine their willingness to start a relationship.

Well, with such results, if you want to start a relationship now, then be sure to have a look at Mobeo’s guide to learn which type of car is girl’s favorite. In addition, when you decide on the car you want in your life, don’t forget to check out Mobeo’s offers for quality second hand cars, so you can impress on a budget.


You like to impress people, right? Because all SUV-owners are the type of people that like to impress, that like to impress very much. Great for sporty people that like people to know you love to be in charge.


Midlife crisis to the max! Otherwise said, you have reached to this point of your life that you have the money and you have potential to enjoy life!


Crossovers are great for parents. No, crossovers are great for moms only. Crossovers are great for doing the school run and the big shop and nothing else, so if you are not a mom and you drive a crossover, then you immediately have to go on Mobeo’s page and buy a new car. A new not-crossover car.


You are probably an aging rock star. Well, that is all. It is either this, or Arab sheikh. And let’s be real, you are compensating.

Executive saloon

In reality, you are very smart person driving a practical, cost-effective and low insurance-cost car. However, you are forever alone, so we guess that this is not a win-win situation for you.

Retro model

You are hipster. Otherwise, you can be one of those retro car admirers that collect beautiful vintage models and modernize them. But most certainly you are a hipster.
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