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Top 5 Most Amazing Car Parks in the World

Top 5 Most Amazing Car Parks in the World

When envisioning a car park you are most probably not thinking of a cool, interesting, exciting, artsy, and technically-advanced place, correct us if we are wrong. However, today we are going to show you how surprising the world can be and we will share with you some of the most amazing and quirkiest car parks in the world in order to show you how inspiration and creativity can be anywhere and in every corner of the world, even in the simplest, most mundane nooks you do not even think of on an everyday basis. So make sure to check out this short and interesting list of the top 5 most interesting and amazing car parks in the world in no particular order.

Germany, Car Towers

This amazing and very tech-advanced car park in Germany that looks right from a Matrix movie is actually located in a visitor attraction at the Volkswagen factory in the birthplace of the car brand called Autostadt. The two impressive car park towers that are made of glass and galvanized steel entirely are the living proof that all of the architecture and technology showed in the sci-fi movies is actually laying on a concrete ground of realistic concepts.

One of the most entertaining and impressive features of this car park is that all vehicles are automatically moved from the plant to a collection point by the customer which makes the whole experience extra futuristic and unique. The Autostadt car park is definitely not one you can find in your neighbourhood or witness every day, however, we really hope that in the future there will be more car towers in the world since they guarantee a lot of convenience and safety. Each of the towers can hold up to 400 cars and both towers are joined to the Volkswagen factory by a seven hundred metre tunnel that runs underground. Pretty impressive, huh?

Michigan, Michigan Theatre Car Park

Definitely not as high and technically-advanced as the previous car park in Germany but the Michigan Theatre Car Park is definitely not less amazing, interesting, and cool. As the name suggests, this car park located in Michigan is actually housed in one of the oldest and most beautiful theatres in the city that originally seated over 4000 people. The best part is that while you are parking your car and looking around you can still see the original interior art and ornaments that give this car park a very charming, atmospheric, and one-of-a-kind appearance.

France, Lyon, Parc des Celestins

This car park in Lyon, a city in France, can be described in many ways but mesmerizing is most probably the best word to use. It has a construction of a cylinder with 7 floors and a hollow middle where an angled rotating mirror is installed as a focal point of the whole construction and for adding this unique touch you cannot see anywhere else in the world. When sunlight enters the hollow middle the mirror disperses light all throughout the car park and the final effect is simply magical.

Miami, Ballet Valet Parking Garage

This car park is the best example of how the human being and Mother Nature can go hand by hand as it is utilizing what nature gives us to the fullest. It is a very cool and interesting concept and makes a very pleasant change from the dull, grey, and boring underground car parks most of us are used to.

Tokyo, Parking Carousel

This parking garage can be described in one way only – amazing and a lot of fun! As you already know, in Tokyo parking space is very limited and this is why there are many creative car garages out there but the carousel one is particularly interesting. As the name suggests, the parking utilises a vertical narrow construction that stacks the vehicles and eliminates the need of an off-ramp infrastructure.