Top 10 Iconic Cars

Top 10 Iconic Cars About ten years ago we were watching sci-fi movies with the concept of the driverless cars of the future and ten years later there are already rumours for the production of such a car. And could you imagine even more decades back how fascinated would be the people of the past, if they can test drive the advanced and innovative cars on the market? That is right, the car productions had a long road to travel and it managed and still manages to make it very fast. And we are not simply talking about the short distance between the first car created and invented and the current concept for futuristic cars slowly making their way through our everyday life.

We are talking about the great jump from first cars with simple mechanisms fascinating people to today’s advanced and smart systems and the motor world is even not about to be completely changed yet! That is right, the car concept has modified and improved many times, cars are no longer simply a way to travel and they offer more and more functions with the release of every new model by a company, however here are the ten cars that have changed the world… so far!


Why is it fascinating? The 1959 Mini was the first car to feature front-wheel drive twinned with a transverse engine. The Mini started the car concept many family city cars are based on, a true pioneer car for its time.

Ford Mustang

Now, this is a real classic car, a true icon! Ford Mustang is still in production since from 1964, being recognised as the most popular American car of all time, a true symbol of the American history.

Ford Model T

With cars being a rare thing on the streets and roads on first, the Ford Model T was a true revolution in the world of many people, because it is the first affordable car that can be purchased by the middle class. It was also the first mass-produced car built on moving assembly lines.

Volkswagen Beetle

Now, talking about iconic cars this list won’t be the same without the oh so famous Beetle. The Volkswagen Beetle make it happen for the middle class in Europe to enjoy having a car because it was an affordable one. What about the unique design? In fact, even for people that don’t know a thing about cars, this design is like a piece of cake to recognise… and enjoy a lot!

Toyota Prius

Because it is the first mass-produced hybrid! Until then hybrid cars were even a sci-fi concept for many people, or way too expensive to afford for almost everyone. Thank you, Prius, for making eco-friendly driving affordable!

Jeep Cherokee

Because it is the first popular medium-sized SUV, creating a great boom and winning the hearts of many families over the world.

Land Rover

Really, besides the fact it is the first 4X4 on the mass market produced for the public? Do you need more reasons, you outdoor enthusiasts?

Mercedes 300SL Gullwing

Mercedes 300SL Gullwing was the first petrol-engined car to use direct fuel injection into an internal combustion engine!

Austin Seven

The Austin Seven was the first car to feature the three-foot pedals, steering wheel and handbrake layout, a true innovation for the 20s!

Lancia Lambda

Oh, 1922, what a year! The first car to feature the concept for unibody construction, which can provide a light-weight and strong body.
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