The Volvo V40 Sizes Guide

The Volvo V40 Sizes Guide

Volvo – the name associated with practicality and functionality in the car world and you cannot say we are not right! With the release of the new Volvo V40, the Swedish manufacturers show that they are back in the game, offering this amazing recent model that balances efficiency, beauty and car safety on next level.

If you are considering the purchase of a new Volvo car, or simply a new car and you are interested in comparing what is on the market and in need of more information, then simply keep reading, because today we have a look at the areas this Volvo V40 offers good, or not that good performance and help you decide if this car choice is the best for you, fitting into your lifestyle and driving attitude.

Happening to be in the same class as VW Golf, BMW 1 Series. Audi A3 and Mercedes A-Class, this Volvo model is not the brightest star in terms of the exterior. Bigger than more of the car models in the same group, V40 is still a good family car option, because of its functionality. Volvo V40 is coming in a practical and convenient 5-door form only. The bigger exterior suggests a very spacious interior, however, this is one miss for Volvo. Although it makes a great family car, there are plenty of more spacious options on the market, so if this is of first importance for you, you can probably pass this car.

Although the size of the boot can hardly be considered as a class-leading, it is still not mediocre, but very functional. The even shape of the boot means that space is pretty well distributed and you can make the most of it. However, don’t neglect the fact that high loading lip makes it not that easy to place heavier objects there. Let’s go back to the positive side again because the Volvo V40 comes with a great 62-litre fuel tank and that will save you the frequent fuel station visits.

The turning cycle of Volvo V40 is pretty much average for this class. This model is also pretty heavy, too, but you can easily tell that by the size of the car. The lightest Volvo V40 model weighs 1561kg.

Overall, the Volvo V40 may not be anyone’s dream car, however, this is a settle model that balances look and functionality very well. Although there are good and even better alternatives on the market today, this doesn’t depreciate the fact that this car is a good family car choice, offering comfort, space and car safety. However, we still believe that Volvo is known for better performances in the past and we hope for improvement.