The Best Cars for Towing a Caravan

The Best Cars for Towing a Caravan Choosing to buy a new car, no matter if brand new from the showroom, or one from the used vehicles market, is not an easy job at all. You have to deal with researches, searching for the best price and do a few test drives beforehand in order to make sure you make the best choice for your budget. In fact, buying a new car with the intention of towing a caravan is even harder and more complex.

After all, car dealers would look at you very weird, if you just show up asking if it is possible to hook up a caravan to the car you are about to test drive. Well, in the most common case no one would allow you to do so. So, if you are planning to buy a car you can attach a caravan to, then be sure to have a look at our how to choose the best cars for towing a caravan guide. Meanwhile, you can also have a look here at our second hand car deals and motorhomes offers, because you are going to find great deals!

A car for towing a caravan up to 750kg

For compact caravans and trailers up to 750kg in weight, you are not limited in choice. You don’t have to go all for pulling power and a smaller SUV would do the job for your situation. Our first suggestion is to have a look at Renault Captur 1.5C diesel, which has a towing limit of 900kg and 75kg nose weight that is a weight of a caravan’s coupling head on a car’s towball. In addition, the diesel options are always good for higher mileage driving preferences and for outdoor enthusiasts that caravan owners usually are, because diesel is a cost-effective option for longer journeys.

Another great alternative is Fiat Panda 4X4 1.3 Multijet that comes with the same towing limit of 900kg, but a lower nose weight of 60kg. Both this Fiat SUV and the Renault Capture offer a stable and quick ride with the caravan attached.

A car for towing a caravan up to 1200kg

There is still plenty of choice for bigger caravans up to 1200kg and you can find something good for your preferences, be it an SUV or a family saloon. We recommend you Skoda Octavia that offer a towing capacity up to 1300kg and a nose weight of 75kg. Other perfect alternatives we can recommend are Peugeot 308 SW 1.6 THP and Nissan Qashqai 1.6dCi that is also offered in +2 version for extra space.

A car for towing a caravan up to 1500kg

Once again, for caravans up to 1500kg, you have great options on the market and you can choose between SUVs and family-sized estates. If you are on a budget, then Seat Leon ST 2.0 TDI is our suggestion for you and if you prefer a cheaper 4X4 SUV, then have a look at Ford Kuga. However, if you are willing to go this extra mile and your budget is not that limited, then Jaguar XF is a great alternative that offers a smooth and stable ride and self-levelling suspension.

A car for towing a caravan above 1500kg

Well, for a caravan above 1500kg you are going to need some serious pulling power and you can find it by the Land Rover Discovery and its nearly 3500kg towing capacity and 150kg nose weight. You can also have a look at Jeep Grand Cherokee and BMW X5.
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