Second-Hand Cars That Are Hard To Sell

Second-Hand Cars That Are Hard To Sell Selling a used car is not necessarily an easy job. The extent to which the trading process will be smooth and you will be able to sell your preloved vehicle is pretty much dependent on the condition of the car, but also the price. Of course, a bit of luck have never heard nobody, because sometimes a car model that is expected to be sold not that easily finds its new owner within a couple of days, while some popular offers on the second-hand car market and cars with almost perfect characteristics and condition take some significant amount of time to be sold.

There are, however, some dependencies on the used vehicles market that are good to be taken into account and kept in mind, when trying to sell or buy a second-hand vehicle from the market. Based on our observations and the trades that have been mediated through Mobeo website, today we would like to share with you the so-called “blacklist” that includes the main categories of preloved cars that are not that easy to be sold on the market. As we have already said, it all depends a lot on your luck, as well as a number of other factors, however, these used car categories are certainly building the basics when it comes to slow trading. So without further ado, here are the “black statistics”:

“Tired” used cars

Some preloved cars simply don’t look that good and these are the vehicles we call tired, even exhausted. Tired used cars are all these that look in bad condition even from a first glance, without taking too much time and checking. Some of the “tiredness” elements include bad condition of the car’s paint and the car parlour, “slack” suspension, and also a bunch of other small or major imperfections that simply “scream” that the car is not in an overall good condition. Naturally, this type of cars are hard to be sold.

French car brands

Excluding the cars with a brand Renault, the majority of the rest of the French car companies are not necessarily associated with a great popularity. In addition, French car models decrease in price very quickly, plus not being particularly the favourite car models amongst the majority of European countries too.

Cars with a small capacity

Here we talk about those cars with a small engine capacity, smaller cars, especially those with a three-cylinder engine. Those cars do not enjoy a great popularity in the used cars market too. Just a few of the most popular examples in this category include Citroen C1, Toyota Aygo, Peugeot 107, Hyundai Getz, Chevrolet Spark, Vauxhall Corsa, etc.

Hatchbacks with three doors

Despite the fact that some iconic car models such as Golf GTI are significantly more beautiful and stylish with their design with three doors only, the majority of the customers, clients and people interested in second-hand vehicles are particularly big fans of the hatchbacks with three doors. Considering the fact that hatchbacks are often used as family cars, the comfort of five doors is definitely more important than the more elegant design with three doors.

Cars with stepless gearboxes

The stepless gearbox is a type of transmission created by the manufacturers in designers in order to lower the price in comparison with the traditional automatic. However, this type of gearbox is definitely related to some extent of no comfort and limitation, as many car owners do believe. In addition, the majority of the customers on the European used vehicles market still prefer the traditional manual gearbox.

20 years or older car

Well, this one is pretty self-explanatory. In addition, many countries do not allow you to own a car that is older than 20 years, or owning and using such a car is much more expensive. Plus, the older the car, the harder to keep it in good condition, the more difficult to find parts for the car, the more expensive to have it fixed, etc.

Top limos from the late 90s

Flagmen such as Audi S8, Mercedes S-Klasse and BMW 7er, manufactured around 2000, are definitely not very popular on the second-hand vehicle's market across Europe. In fact, even second-hand, these car models tend to be pretty expensive. Obviously, if you have the budget to buy them, you better buy a new car. Additionally, maintaining such cars in good condition is pretty expensive too.

American car brands

Let’s be honest, American car brand models such as Ford Crown Victoria, are definitely not very popular in the European market. In addition, finding original spare parts for replacing is very difficult and often expensive, that is why the majority of American car models on the European market that are 10 years and older are definitely in a very poor condition.

Chinese car brands

It is a popular fact among car enthusiasts that the quality of Chinese car brand models is not very high, and despite the fact that quality of Chinese cars is getting better and better within the last few years, they still don’t have a good reputation among people interested in the used vehicles market.
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