Porsche Boxster Color Guide

Porsche Boxster Color Guide Today we are here to have a look at another important aspect of the Boxster’s range and share with you our Boxster colors guide, so keep reading to learn more. Overall, with the sporty and sleek look of Porsche Boxster’s range, there is hardly any color not matching this effortless look of the car model that many people associate with freedom and adrenaline and the perfect two-seats sporty in general. However, as it comes with many things in our live, different people have different preferences, styles and visions and here are a few ideas offered by Porsche Boxster to meet your individual desires and taste.

Porsche Boxster is this kind of vehicle that pretty much sells for its look, however the look is simply not the only reason you would like to buy this car. Beautiful inside and out, Boxster’s range is made with the perfect balance between exterior and technical excellence, offering a smooth ride and an eye-catching and really attractive design. Picking a flattering color can really have an amazing effect, although is there an unflattering color for Porsche at all? We are kind of in doubt!

In addition to the 13 paint finishes for the body, you can go further in customising and choose between 4 color options for the roof canvas – red, dark blue, brown and black. Well, it wouldn’t be a Porsche, if it wasn’t all about the details, right, and this is the reason we love it so much! The 3 main color options you have a re the 3 groups – solid finishes, metallic finishes and special finishes. While the solid finishes are not charged additionally, for a metallic finish you have to pay £558 extra and for a special finish it would make £1,595 extra.

Solid finishes:

White– A really trendy choice and because of the popularity of the standard glossy white, it would be pretty easy to re-sell it. However, the crisp white is a real nightmare for keeping it clean.

Black – Black is always a popular choice, no matter the car model and it is flattering for all models. However, black requires more detailed cleaning and maintenance.

Racing Yellow – A yellow color and a sporty two seater? It sound like the perfect match! The Porsche advertising and newspaper releases also help a lot for creating this iconic Porsche image.

Guards Red – A pretty iconic sporty car color and if you decide to re-sell it later on, it won’t be hard to find a buyer.

Metallic finishes:

Jet Black - The metallic hint of this jet black option definitely creates a more deeper and dimensional twist, which also makes it look more expensive, however the black metallic easily shows traces of poor carwash, so be careful with that.

Rhodium Silver – The silver color, that is most commonly associated with German cars. In addition, silver is pretty good option for hiding the road dirt.

Sapphire Blue – Eye-catching and practical and universal shade in the same time.

Agate Grey – A great alternative to the classic black, gray would be one of the most desirable shades this year.

Carrera White – Plenty of cleaning would be required to keep it in a good shade, however this do not underestimate the fact that white looks amazing.

Dark Blue – This beautiful dark blue shade is very settle and elegant.

Mahogany – Although brown models are slightly less desirable in the moment, they are great for hiding the dirt.

Special finishes:

GT Silver Metallic and Carmine Red.
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