Our Favorite Cars in Four Categories

Our Favorite Cars in Four Categories It is great that nowadays we can enjoy so much diversity in the car market. Both, new and second-hand car market provides us with so many options and there is practically anything for anyone, for any budget, for any requirements and for any needs. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose between sports, off-road, family and business cars and find the best to suit your driving lifestyle, choosing between higher and lower prices, used vehicles and a new one, modern and traditional and so on.

However, so much choice can be pretty overwhelming and confusing, also. In order to make sure you can justify the purchase of a new, or second-hand car, you have to make sure you spend your hard earned money on a car that you are actually in need of. Once you are done, your choice would be less stressful, we guarantee. However, sometimes an expert advice is very needed and today we at Mobeo offer our professional recommendations in the four most popular car categories.

Sports car

We love the Porsche Boxster! Although Porsche Boxster hasn’t received that much love from critics and customers, when it first came out, mainly because of the design, Porsche has since given the Boxster a full re-design and the weird look now is gone. Having a more appealing look and the exclusive technologies that only Porsche is able to offer and also priced very reasonable, we find the Boxster would easily turn out to be a favourite car for many sports car enthusiasts. With the new Boxster, you are going to enjoy 0 to 60mph in just 5.8 seconds, top speed of 164mph and ultra-responsive handling and all these great features make this Porsche model one of the best sports cars on the market now, balancing great technology and reasonable budget.

Family car

We love Skoda Octavia! It was a long journey for Skoda, however a well done one, because Skoda Octavia has nothing to do with what we were used to know about the Skoda cars. If you are on a hunt for a great family car, then don’t miss to have a look here, because the Octavia model can offer great features such as fuel economy figures of 58mpg, but its real MPG is actually 47.7mpg. You can enjoy also its 590-litre boot and overall a very practical, quality and affordable car.


We love Range Rover Evoque SD4 Pure Tech! If you are looking for an off-road car, look no further than Range Rover! Why? With one of the best SUV designs, superb handling, front parking sensors, automatic headlights, rain-sensing wipers, satnav and a heated windscreen, Range Rover Evoque Pure Tech is what we find beautiful, smart and functional.

Business car

We love BMW 520d SE! No surprises here, since we are not the only one finding BMW models as great business class options. Well, you can’t deny their looks just fit the business atmosphere very well, right? In addition, with the 520d SE model, you will also enjoy leather interior, built-in satnav, great top speed and fuel economy and an eight-speed automatic transmission perfect for cruising and motorway.
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