Lamborghini’s Latest SUV

Lamborghini’s Latest SUV

Last time we saw a SUV with the Lamborghini emblem on, we were 20 years younger and not in a midlife crisis. 20 years later we are maybe in a midlife crisis, but we have the money saved to buy a SUV Lamborghini. So there is no point to feel happy for being 20 years younger than us, but broke! Well, we have some good news for all midlife crisis men out there, because this year Lamborghini announced the start of production of the new SUV Lamborghini Urus that will be available in 2018 at an expected price of £135,000. Are you still feeling happy that you are 20 years younger than us? Around 20 years after the release of Lamborghini Rambo Lambo, the car company decided to take a short break from manufacturing supercars for aging rock stars and Arab sheikhs and use their potential and experience in order to release something fairly untypical for their ranges. Why we are excited for the new Lamborghini Urus (besides the fact it would help us to go through the midlife crisis)?

It is powerful!

Rumours are that the new Lamborghini Urus will be the fastest SUV available on the market with around 600 horsepower. Well, if someone knows how to harness horses, this is definitely Lamborghini, so we believe them! Coming from a company proudly waving their name on the Veneno, Aventador and Diablo GT-R models, top speed is definitely not an issue.

It offers technological excellence!

A true pampering, the new Urus will offer true technical excellence and smart systems all around! Cameras and TV screens are set to replace wing mirrors and an adjustable spoiler will optimize aerodynamics. Although this sounds pretty fancy, we are still not satisfied until there is a car on the market that offer a free meal delivery system.


Lamborghini promises to make sure that the new Urus model will emit the lowest levels of CO2 compared to all the other SUVs on the market. There are also some rumours saying that Urus will be offered with a turbocharged or plug-in hybrid system for even more sustainable choice. This would be a first Lamborghini car that is ecological-oriented on such a level, although it is hard to imagine a 0 to 60mph in 3 seconds monster can have such a warm and soft soul.

Other expected features

The new Lamborghini Urus also claims to be around 100kg lighter than other SUVs on the market because of extensive usage of carbon fibre. Another features announced are the front-engine, all-wheel-drive layout. With so much new to the Lamborghini car manufacturer-new thing, we are really hoping that Urus would be as impressive as its concept sounds like and we are looking forward to seeing this super-sport-utility in details and action. Are you interested in the new model? Are you excited for the release in 2018? What do you think, would this innovation for Lamborghini concept achieve success? Share your opinion with us!