How to Travel Stress-Free

How to Travel Stress-Free Autumn is a great season for a week-long journey and if you are already planning one with your family, here we at Mobeo will give you a few simple pieces of advice on how to ensure your road journey will be completely hassle-free and you will come back completely relaxed. So, instead of wondering how to fix the motor in the middle of nowhere, here are a few simple preparation tricks that will help you enjoy the picturesque landscapes along the way, not thinking about problems and not stressing out while driving. A safe and stress-free journey to the desired destination starts with:

Checking the car before you leave

Before going on a long journey, you have to check your car and make sure that everything is ok and nothing is going to fall apart, blow up, or cause a variety of unpleasant issues. After all, dealing with the possible issues now, instead of dealing with them in the middle of nowhere with no professional help around is definitely the better scenario.

The thing you should have a look at is fuel, lights, oil, water, electrics and rubber, or in order to remember these easily, keep in mind the acronym FLOWER these make. Well, some of these may look like the smallest details possible and often you are completely sure that these won’t cause any problem, however, you know about Murphy’s law, right, and you know how big the chance is something to get wrong at the most inconvenient and inappropriate moment. Once you make sure that everything is working ok, you are one step closer to a safe and enjoyable journey.

Checking the traffic and weather reports

Many people neglect or forget to check the traffic and weather reports before going on a journey and they often end up unprovided and regretting that. If there is a bank holiday involved, then you can be almost completely sure you are going to end up stuck in a traffic, because well, you are not the only one craving a weekend getaway, right? A bit of planning in advance will help you a lot, so be sure to plan the traffic and hit the traffic black spots, when it is less busy.

Today’s technology gives you a lot of options to stay tuned with the traffic and weather forecast while travelling. Use your smartphone and check out the information in internet, download an app to stay updated with the forecast news and use a radio podcast like BBC Weather.

Planning your route

Well, modern technology gives us the chance to use a navigation system wherever we are travelling to, however, don’t miss the traditional old-school map, because you know, electronics are electronics and they can break.

Sticking to the speed limit

We understand that you often can be tempted to get to your destination as quickly as possible by passing the speed limit, however, you know that this can turn out to be a bad idea. Speed limits are there for a reason and this reason is mainly to ensure people are driving safely and not putting anyone at risk. Especially for roads and highways you are unfamiliar with, don’t take the risk and drive within the speed limit.

Keeping the children entertained

Travelling with kids, every driver is going to experience distraction and you can be easily tempted to take your eyes off the road and look back for a second. Well, we prefer not to share with you the number of car accidents happening in the exact same situation. So be sure to pack the car with enough things to keep the kids entertained and keep your eyes focused on the road.
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