How to Sell Your Car For More Money - Part 2

How to Sell Your Car For More Money - Part 2 Want to sell your used car? Or maybe buy a second-hand vehicle in a good condition and at a reasonable price? Or maybe you are aiming even higher and you want to start your own business of buying and re-selling second-hand cars and other vehicles? Such a business initiative may sound like an easy job, especially if you have a perfect business acumen, however, as it is with every business, there are some specifics you should be aware of. Today we are continuing to share with you some of the most important top 10 tips and tricks of a good used vehicle trade process. Stay tuned if you want to learn more about how to turn second-hand car trading into a sustainable business, avoid all obstacles along the way, or simply sell your own preloved vehicle quickly, easily and on a good price.

Stay away from “difficult” cars

The main difference between a watch that costs 200 Euros and a watch that costs 2000 euros is the quality of the work. The same rule applies to classic cars, which is the main reason you would probably prefer to stay away from these a bit more “difficult” classic cars available on the second-hand market. The more systems a retro car owns, the more things you could eventually get overwhelmed and stressed with. In addition, car parts for old cars are often very expensive, difficult or even impossible to find on the market for fixing the car. So, make sure to skip buying such a car, in case you are not sure that you can fix it without breaking the bank, or if there is nothing wrong with the car in general.

Classic cars are amazing

Modern cars decrease their price very quickly. As an example, if you buy a used Volkswagen Golf, its price with decrease quickly with 10%, which means that your profit will decrease quickly and significantly too. Classic cars are yet a different thing. At one point in their life, classic cars have completely devalued, but from this point on, their price starts rising significantly. Such type of classic cars could be assumed as a smart investment, however, the key moment of buying a second-hand classic car is their condition. To restore a classic car is often an expensive and difficult thing, so make sure to look around for classic cars in good condition. With a bit of luck and a good look around, you will be able to find a real gem, which can provide you with a really good profit.


Perhaps the easiest and quickest way to earn more money from re-selling a used car is to use some elbow grease and fix the issues and imperfections of the car since you will be able to increase the price of the car. Often many of the car issues can be easily fixed without spending too much money on car parts, etc., even if you don’t have much knowledge about cars and an extensive set of tools. In case you re-sell the car with a few issues and imperfections, you wouldn’t be able to do that on the price you want and you wouldn’t be able to gain the profit you want.

Multiply and think big

If you are a car mechanic, you are earning money from fixing people’s cars. If you hire someone to do the job with you, you are practically doubling the working hours and you can provide service to much more clients, which means that you are gaining more profit. The same thing applies to buying and re-selling used vehicles. For example, if you have experience and have learned a lot from re-selling Ford Focus, you are most probably going to capitalise your success and profit from continuing working with Ford Focus.

Failing is an opportunity

Used vehicle trading is a business, and as it is with every other business, a fail is something that could happen. However, do not leave one fail to stop you from continuing doing what you like and believe in. A fail is an opportunity to learn something and gain more experience, so it’s not necessarily only a bad thing. Simply rethink your business strategy and go ahead with a newer and better one. Remember, some cars just don’t get the attention and love, no matter how good you think they are.

Word-of-mouth and advertising

Clubs dedicated to certain car brands are an extremely beneficial place for you because normally their members would know all the things you are interested in a certain car by a certain brand. Use such type of contacts to gather all the information you need and you are interested in. Think ahead and make sure to look around, talk with people, discuss and observe before you are buying a car. This way you will know what is expected of the car beforehand. In addition, these club places will provide you with important information and contact details of specialised garages and car mechanics. Such places sometimes make re-selling a car easier, because people there are looking for a specific car brand and you can easily target.
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