How To Prepare The Car For Warmer Weather

How To Prepare The Car For Warmer Weather The winter is almost over and you are probably feeling the urge to change everything around and get ready for the warmer weather outside. While some things we want to do, but it is the urge to change around, other aspects of our everyday life are simply very important, necessary and you need to prioritise. One of these things is preparing your car for the end of winter and the warmer spring and summer days awaiting ahead. So here are some of the things you need to check out and do, before the warm weather is in a full bloom, especially if you are planning a big journey for the Easter break, or a summer holiday road trip.


One of the top things you need to do when spring is just around the corner and winter is ready to leave is changing your winter tires with summer ones. We have already discussed the topic of pros and cons of continuing using your winter tires in the warmer days of the year, so you can make sure to check out the article. However, if you are one of those people insisting to use the appropriate type of tires according to the season. Make sure to invest in summer tires and change your winter ones. Once you change the tires, make sure to have the pressure in your tires tested, as well as the condition of the grabs. In fact, the tires are among the most neglected and overlooked parts of the car.

According to the RMA, only 1 of each 10 drivers actually tests the tire pressure regularly in comparison with 7 out of 10 drivers regularly washing their cars. However, the truth is that you are making a risky step if you are driving your car with slightly less inflated, over-inflated or worn tires, and all three cases may lead to dangerous situations, especially in the warm summer days. The less inflated the tires are, the more they will swell out and put unnecessary pressure on the tires’ walls. The more your tires are over-inflated, the less contact they have with the road, while this can lead to aquaplaning in wet conditions. Do not forget your spare tire too, it should be in good and proper condition too!

The used winter tires with worn grabs as many people assume could be sometimes used in the summertime too. However, this is not the best thing to do, since winter times are generally not appropriate for the warmer weather and the hot asphalt. No matter if winter or summer ones, if your tires are worn, they will increase the fuel consumption of your car and increase the risk in many situations.


Spring and summer are usually the seasons that put the coolant system of your car in a challenge. Being in a car jam on a warm day can lead to overheating of your car. This is why it is not recommended that your car’s coolant system is filled with clear water. The coolant substance prevents the parts of your car get rusty and contributes to the car engine being cool enough all the time, this is why it is recommended that you fill in with a substance of coolant substance and water. You should also check the level of liquid, which is removable and check for leaking. In case it is needed, make sure to add liquid. If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing the liquid, you would know the temperature of freezing and boiling too.

Motor Oil and Filters

The more often you use your car, the more the motor oil gets diluted and thinner and its lubricating qualities get weaker. You should also check the level of the motor oil and if there are some leaks. In case the level is lower, but you have changed the oil recently, you could add a bit more oil. In case the due date of changing the oil of your car is during the time you are driving your car on a holiday, it is better to have your motor oil changed beforehand. In case you have hardly used your car in the winter season and you think that the motor oil is almost like new one, you are wrong.

When you don’t use your car, the motor oil gets thicker and collects condensation, this is why it is recommended to change your motor oil often enough. Whenever you change the motor oil, it is necessary to change the filter too. The air filter and the filter of the air conditioning get stuck quickly when you drive in city conditions and on dusty roads, so the work of the engine and the air conditioner gets harder and challenged. This is why it is good to change the filters as regular as recommended.

Brake Fluid and Break System

It is very important that the broken system of your car is in perfect condition, so you can prevent a lot of risks and ensure safety on the road. In this case, you should check the level of the brake fluid too, when was the last time it was changed and if there is a leak. It is necessary to check the brake pads and the brake discs.


You should clean the accumulator and recharge it if required, or change with a new one if needed.


It is recommended to check the front and rear suspension for slots. In case you find these, the issue should be fixed immediately. The salt used in wintertime for treating the icy roads sticks to the lower part of the car and can lead to corrosion of the metal, this is why it is recommended to clean the chassis of the car.
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