How to Keep Your Car in Best Condition this Winter

How to Keep Your Car in Best Condition this Winter No matter the season, no matter the time of the year, your car needs love and attention. However, when the cold of the winter comes and your car is most probably going to need some more care and attention. You will find this article particularly helpful in case you want to plan ahead and make sure you have enough time to prepare your favourite vehicle for the upcoming colder months and ensure that your car will still run even in the most freezing time of the year. Making sure that you prepare your motor properly is going to decrease your chances of encountering some major issues and problems.

The Car Battery

Some of the most common breakdown situations are usually caused by flat batteries. It all makes sense because in wintertime the car battery is normally getting a lot more useful compared to other times of the year considering that drivers are using some car “extras” such as heated windows, heather, and lights. The main recommendation that is provided by the professionals is not using the car appliances more than necessary, not leave your car unused for long periods of time and start the vehicle from time to time if you are not driving frequently.

The risk of your battery failing is reduced if it has a regular and constant charge running through it. In addition, the life of your car battery is usually around 5 years, depending slightly on the car model, so whenever you are filling like the battery’s life is coming toward the end then it is recommended to check or have checked by a specialist the battery levels and replace the battery if needed.

The Anti-Freeze Levels

As you probably already know, the anti-freeze prevents the coolant in the engine from freezing up. In case the coolant is not able to circulate around the engine it will cause overheating of different elements of the vehicle and this will most probably result in a breakdown when you least expect it. Specialists recommend that you should make sure that you are using the right concentration of anti-freeze.

The Brakes

Making sure that the brakes are in perfect condition all year round is very, very important and especially in wintertime. This one may sound like a no-brainer but it is definitely something worth mentioning and remembering. It is recommended that you get a professional check of the brakes regularly even if everything looks ok.

The Oil Levels

Low oil levels could turn into an issue and could be very damaging for the vehicle, especially during the cold winter months. Make sure to take an extra effort to check the oil levels of your car regularly.

The Tyre Tread and Pressure

The minimum recommended tread depth of three millimetres is a must for a safe driving during the colder months. Almost all tyres have the so-called tyre wear indicators which means that you can check the tread depth. An easy way to do so if by rubbing a finger over the tyre wear indicator and into the main tread body of the tyre. If it is on the limit it is about time to change the old tyres with new ones. Specific tyres designed for winter driving are highly recommended, especially if you can afford it and you are expecting to drive a lot when the weather gets cold.

Checking the tyre pressure is very important too. During the winter period checking the tyre pressure at least once a week is highly recommended. Make sure to match the pressure up to what is recommended by the manufacturer if needed. If you are not sure what are the manufacturer’s recommendations, make sure to visit a reputable garage and the professionals there will be able to advise you properly. When it comes to tyre pressure and thread make sure to not only rely on your own judgement but also look for a professional help and assistance every now and then.

Windscreen Checks

Wintertime, snow, rain, and a lot of gloomy weather – making sure the windscreens are in a good working condition is a no-brainer but many drivers simply miss this detail. Driving with ice and snow accumulated on your windscreens hides a lot of risks for you and all the drivers around you. Clearing out of snow and ice the windscreens before sitting behind the wheel is very important. Keep a de-icer always on hand in your car to be able to do that quickly and easily.
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