How to Check if a Used Car is in Good Condition – Part 1

How to Check if a Used Car is in Good Condition – Part 1 When buying a used car, there is always a risk of possible faults you won’t notice at the beginning. In fact, some faults are easy to repair and deal with and buying a used car can be a really good deal in this situation. Otherwise, some faults make buying a used car just not worth it. In order to be sure you are getting a great deal with purchasing a second-hand vehicle, see what the experts have to advise you and do your best research.

In fact, buying a used car, there is a great amount of thing you have to think about. Including some documentation and other important priorities. Of course, checking the condition of the vehicle and making sure there are not major faults is among the priorities, however, you don’t have to rush out your conclusion and have your time to check and think what you are going to purchase. Are there many faults, some major faults? Are the repair of them cost you too much money? Sometimes second-hand cars tend to look like a great deal, however, with time, it turns out that you actually spend too much money on maintaining and repairing them. Make sure to take care and do your research and inspection previously in order to save yourself a lot of time, money and nerves after!

What to look for, when checking the condition of the used car you are thinking to buy? Start with inspecting the vehicle from outside and have a good look at the body. The ways you can understand that the car has suffered some accident and a poor repair job is when you see some scratches and dents on the body. There are uneven gaps between the panels when the paint is uneven and some patches differ from other. If any paintwork is bubbling up this also can be a sign of rust appearing soon or later. Have a look on the roof also and check for damages. Are there any tears and gaps in the soft top? Do everything functions properly? Make sure not to miss a little imperfection, because this may cost you additional money in future to repair and maintain. Also, make sure the imperfections can be repaired and that the service won't be too expensive.

Don't forget to have a look at the lights and indicators. Be sure they work and there are no damages on the lenses. Have your time for checking the tyres. Here is how to check if they have enough tread on them with the 20p test. Take a 20p coin and place it into the grooves and as long as the outer band is covered the tyre’s condition is ok. Don't forget to check if any wear is even right across the thread, otherwise, this can be a sign of more serious problems.

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