Child Car Seat Guidelines

Child Car Seat Guidelines A car seat for your baby or child is definitely a vital essential no matter if you are travelling short or long distances. It is highly recommended to invest in a high-quality, very reliable, and extra safe car seat. When it comes to the wellbeing and safety of your child, there is no room for compromises and there is nothing more important in the world. There are a few types and designs of safety car seats for your baby and child available on the market and today we are going to discuss the different types so you can make an easier decision what you actually need and what to choose.

All car seats go through rigorous and thorough tests in order to ensure your child’s safety and meet the government’s standards for safety, no matter they all differ in size, design, accessories, price, features, models, etc. So whenever you are buying a car seat, unless it is not suspiciously cheap, it is most probably going to guarantee the high level of safety and comfort you are expecting. The next thing you have to consider is buying the right car seat depending on the age and size of the child. There are so many different options out there on the market to ensure the full comfort of the little fellow.

Once you get the right car seat for the small one, it is very important to install it properly and accurately in the vehicle so you can guarantee the full safety of your little one, who has to be secure at all times throughout the ride. In order to install the seat properly, always check out and read the seat manual and installation guideline, also check out your owner’s manual of the vehicle too. This is the best way to make sure the installation is accurate. So let’s have a look at the most popular and common car seat options available on the market and what are the main differences.

Infant Safety Seat

Infant safety seats, as the name suggests, are designed for infants and newborns. This is the first safety seat in the life of your child and the child can use it until they reach the age of two years or when they reach the weight and height restrictions according to the laws and regulations in the country. These car seats can be installed at the rare of the vehicle only, they are rare-facing too. You can use them as a baby carrier. It all depends on how fast the child is growing, but commonly this type of car seats are used for up to 24 months. Your priority is choosing and investing in a high-quality, extra safe, and reliable infant seat.

There are several factors you want to consider when buying one:

- Safety first and add-on features for additional comfort and security;
- Consider the car seat size too;
- Do not forget to consider the size of your vehicle;
- Make sure to inform yourself about the child’s height and weight limits beforehand;
- It is recommended to get an infant seat that is easy to install;
- Accessories might be needed too;
- Finally, your budget is an important factor too, but don’t try to get a bargain if you can afford a higher quality.

Convertible Car Seat

Convertible car seats can be used both on rear-face and front-face positions. This is a practical model that most of the parents prefer because the usage of the convertible seats is not limited by the age of the child, or their weight and height. In fact, this type of car seats can be used until the child is big or old enough to use the car’s seat belt only. However, the downside of the convertible car seats is their bulkiness. These are heavier and bigger in size, you also cannot use them as a baby carrier, which means that these are not that comfortable too. Convertible car seat models also do not come with a base and moving it in and out of the vehicle is pretty challenging and takes more time and energy.

Booster Seat

Booster seats are designed for children that are too big or too old to fit into the convertible seat. This seat is forward-facing only and depending on the model you purchase it has a minimum weight requirement range. The common booster seat models come with a shoulder belt and a car lap that will keep your toddler safe and secure. You can use the booster seat until the child is big or old enough to use the car’s seat belt only. There are different designed and models available on the market and you can choose between backless and highback ones. There are also all-in-one baby car seats available that can switch into a booster one once the child is old enough. Before buying a booster seat, make sure to test it with your child and ask them how comfortable they feel.
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