Car safety – Part 2

Car safety – Part 2 In car safety – part 1, we have already paid attention to what passive car safety means and why it is important. Today’s topic is all about active car safety, or the ability of the car to prevent car accidents. Although many car safety topics pay special attention to the ability of the car to reduce the energy impact in case of an accident and provide maximum safety in extreme situations. Active car safety is a pretty neglected topic, however with an equal importance. Many modern manufacturers and designers are focused on how to improve the ability of the vehicle to actually avoid accidents.

The profit of passive car safety may be more popular and talked about, however active car safety avoids accidents and an avoided accident is way better than an accident at all, right? Modern cars are designed and equipped with a set of systems that are a true technological excellence, reducing the risk to a minimum and providing you with better control in extreme situations. The most common basics include anti-lock brakes, some form of electronic stabilisation program, which is a very clever system recognising if the car direction matches where you are wanting to steer, which is very helpful in slippery conditions on the road when there is a risk on understeer and oversteer.

Many modern car systems are focused on making the car’s behaviour predictable in certain unusual situations and helping you manage the control over for a safer drive, like, for example, allowing tyres to manage the grip and keeping the car balanced and that way reduces the risk of having an accident.

Advanced car safety systems are also available, including control on the blind spots through monitors, recognising speed limit signs and alarming you timely, night vision technology to recognise pedestrians crossing at night, cruise control managing your speed depending on the other cars on the road and more. Although for now, these systems are pretty much privilege for luxury car models, very soon they will be quickly integrated among mainstream “normal” models.

Active car safety isn’t simply about electronics, because every aspect of the car’s design and structure are orientated and focused on avoiding accidents and issues as much and as often as possible. Although every road and all the subjects on this road may put you in an extensive variety of different situations. Some of them are not that easy to handle. The overall concept of vehicle manufacturing speaks for more flexibility, manoeuvrability, control over this great working system of components and balance, allowing you time to react properly and intuitively taking the control over certain circumstances.

Never forget that car safety also includes the driver and their preventive behaviour on the road! Don’t put anyone at risk. When buying a new car, take your time to “feel” it and see how comfortable and confident you are when using it. In fact, there is not a single car that can overcome physics, not even the most luxurious one equipped with the most advanced systems, so be wise and don’t take unnecessary risks.
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