Car Maintenance - Helpful Tips & Tricks

Car Maintenance - Helpful Tips & Tricks No matter the seasons, and no matter if you are an owner of a new vehicle or a second-hand car, your car is going to require some maintenance and care. While there are a lot of myths, when it comes to maintaining your car in a good condition, there are, also, a lot of truths and tips that will come across very helpful and useful to everyone testing them. Today we are going to share helpful car maintenance tips and tricks and burst some popular myths too.

One of the first things you better know about your car is not putting fuel into your car, in case fuel is just delivered and filled into the petrol station. The procedure of filling in fuel into the petrol station is pretty simple, and also could be dangerous. Fuel is filled with a lot of pressure into the almost empty petrol station tanks. On the bottom of the petrol tank are all residue and grime left, which rise to the surface, when the tank is filled with pressure. This pretty much means that if you put fuel into your car right after the gas station tank has been filled, you will also fill in your car with all the residue and grime floating on the surface. This all hides some serious risks for your engine, fuel system, etc.

Being stuck with your car in mud, snow, or ice in the winter months definitely does not require forcing the car. The main thing you would do by forcing the car is getting even more stuck. In addition, forcing hides a lot of risks of overloading some systems of the car, which could lead to serious issues or quicker wear and tear of the car elements. Make sure you are not attaching too many keychains, keys and other things to your car key. In case your key is attached to a lot of things, you risk damaging the starter, which will require a repair sooner or later. The more wealthy the keychain is, the more it causes impetus on the car’s starter, especially while driving, and when your car happens to get into a gap on the road.

It is recommended that you maintain the windows’ and doors’ seals in good condition. A regular cleaning of the seals is necessary, make sure to purchase a cleaning product that is specially designed for seals. The dirty and worn window and door’s seals do not only affect the appearance of your car but also allow dirt, dust and humidity to enter the car and make the car’s maintenance more difficult. Make sure you maintain the engine compartment clean and in good condition too. This is the “heart” of your car and you should make sure you prevent wear and tear. All of the finer elements in this compartment will be better protected if they are not covered in dirt, dust and mud. Consider a deep cleaning regularly and wipe the elements in this zone with a damp cloth at least twice a month.

In general, these are some of the most popular and recommended useful tips and tricks for car maintenance. Of course, there a lot of myths regarding car maintenance, but the majority of them are not going contribute and only making the whole maintenance process more difficult and time-consuming. There are so many unnecessary steps regarding car maintenance that you can effectively avoid. For example, some sources suggest using shoe wax and applying in on the front bumper of the car in order to prevent dents and scratches. However, this is definitely not helpful, not preventing the imperfections and all you would do with applying the shoe wax on the dumper is making your car dirtier and more difficult to clean.

Another a bit too strange car maintenance tip that is actually a myth is putting an onion cut into two half into your car overnight in order to get rid of the nasty smells. As you can guess, you are not only not neutralising the nasty smells, but adding an onion smell to the whole. Some people prefer to clean their alloy wheels with the help of simply liquid soap. However, using cleaning products that are not designed particularly for this part of the car is going to lead to quicker wear and tear. If the window wipers of the car are dirty, you do not clean them with a cloth. If the cloth is damped into vinegar, you can get rid of the oily dirt, but for the rest of the dirt and grime vinegar is not recommended and we recommend you investing into a cleaning product that is designed for cleaning the wipers in particular.
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