Car Fuels of The Future

Car Fuels of The Future With car drivers willing to be more and more conscious and sustainable with their fuel choice, it is easy to see why manufacturers are thinking and talking more often about alternative fuel alternatives and cars of the future that will ensure not only functionality but also an eco-friendly choice. While electric cars and hybrids are not simply on the market, but you can spot them often on the street, it is time to have a look at what is the next step manufacturers are preparing.

The recent topic of carbon emissions for the planet with the main role of Volkswagen Group involved made us think further on how the carbon emissions could really be reduced in near future. For example, Audi has recently announced the concept for carbon-neutral technology as a further step in the direction for eco-friendlier choice. The carbon-neutral technology includes a clear e-diesel that is made with a combination of carbon dioxide and water. And with the guarantee from Audi (in Audi we trust!) and the plans to expand the production in near future, we can bet that this new product would be very exciting!

How does it work? Carbon-neutral or blue crude is created by the energy of renewable sources such as wind and solar energy and that way splits water into oxygen and pure hydrogen. The separated hydrogen after the process is then mixed with carbon monoxide to make long chain hydrocarbon compounds. After the refining process blue crude can be used on its own or mixed with diesel sources.

It is stated that engines working with blue crude are 70% more effective and less noisy. In addition, prices are predicted to be much lower than diesel prices and, of course, it is providing a sustainable option from inexhaustible resources.

However, blue crude is not the only one sustainable and eco-friendly fuel option predicted to be offered on the market soon. As we at Mobeo notice, sustainable motors energy has been around for a while and we believe that this is going to gain more and more popularity very soon. There is no wonder that in near future you would be able to buy new and second-hand cars that come with alternative fuel engines. And speaking of other alternative fuel options, here are a few more:


Do you wonder where the largest algae farm is located? You can find it in the Mexican desert and it is made exactly for the purpose of alternative car fuel production. With production of 100 barrels a day of crude oil from algae, this alternative fuel is predicted to be very popular in a few years.


The hydrogen technology is already there, simply look for what Toyota, Honda and Hyundai provide the market with. Although the hydrogen technology offers a lot of benefits, it is still not that popular with just a few hydrogen refill stations available.


Although an air-engined car is still only a concept from PSA Peugeot Citroen, we believe that cars switching between gas and air power are not that far away in future.
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