Car Equipment Guide

Car Equipment Guide The appropriate autumnal weather allows us to enjoy a lot of not rainy days and not a single outdoor enthusiast could resist the temptation to spend the day in the great outdoor, so here is our guide on how to equip your car for a day in the wild nature!

Top box/Roof box

Hitting the great outdoor with a limited amount of equipment is not going to happen at all, you know that and limited car boot space can’t stop you take the whole small army with you! Of course, you always have the alternative top box a.k.a. roof box. We at Mobeo recommend a box with an impressive capacity around 500-litre that should do the trick. In general, roof boxes are not hard at all to fit and almost every model on the market comes pretty versatile, so it can be fitted on almost any type of roof bar.

Roof bars

You know you need it fitted to your roof box and more! Roof bars are needed, whether you are fitting a top box, or a bike rack, or something else. They are usually not that expensive at all, easy to attach, etc. Go for one with a rubber-padded clamps that ensure a sturdy fit.

Bike rack

Speaking of bike racks! If you are into bike rides, then you are going to need a trusty and easy-to-fit bike rack. With bike racks you have plenty of choice, mostly depending on your budget and how much you are willing to spend. However, no matter the price range you are going to choose, the good news are that even the more affordable racks are functional enough and ensure sturdiness even at high speed. Besides the price range, you can also find bike racks to fit two bikes, or even models that are made not for the roof, but fitted in other places, when the top of your car is already occupied.

Dog guards

If you are traveling with your best friend aka your dog, then you can rest calm that the car and car accessories manufacturers think for the safety and comfort of your pet. You can choose between a cage or a harness in order to ensure to safety of your dog, when traveling. Usually harnesses are available in many sizes and allow a comfy ride for your beloved pet.

Ski equipment

The ski season is closer now and if you are planning a ski vacation in a couple of months, then it is about time to consider ski car equipment. For a really good price you can find on the market great alternatives that can hold a few ski sets and also ensure a stable and secure ride for them. If you are going to drive to the snowy resort, then don’t forget to think in advance and purchase snow chains, or some snow socks for slippery roads.
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