Best Selling Cars by Country

Best Selling Cars by Country Surprisingly, it appears that every country has its favourite car. Recent studies show that most of the countries around the world not only has a favourite car brand but also stick to it as a bestseller for impressive decades! Often a question of culture, economic, and mostly due to the specific driving needs and requirements in a country and the overall lifestyle and average budget for a vehicle, specific car models seem like having a big significance and importance for the nations of all inhibited continents around the globe. So let’s have a more in-depth look at this interesting list!


Not that much of a surprise, the best-selling car in Australia is actually made there and it is the Ford Falcon. The car model is definitely living its best time since its launch in 1960, considering that since its debut to this date Ford Falcon has sold more than the whopping 3 million units! There is no wonder why the car has gone through seven generations! It is even more interesting that Ford Falcon is the most popular taxi car model in Australia and New Zealand.


It is hard to beat Australia’s record, but Brazil is definitely a strong contender for the crown of a more consistent buyer of a certain car model. In Brazil’s case, this is Volkswagen Golf that reaches over the impressive 4 million units. To proof Brazil’s love for Golfs, even more, the car-model could be called an all-time favourite since it is the best-selling car in the country for over three decades since 1987. Interestingly enough, the name of the car comes from the Brazilian word for goal and we can definitely say that Brazil gracefully and impressively reached their goal to be part of this list.


Chinese people are known for being very practical and have a great discipline and this can be witnessed even by the consistency of their car choice. The bestseller in the country is Volkswagen with over 1.5 million sells in the country since 1984. Shanghai is one of the most Volkswagen-heavy cities in the world where the vehicles are commonly used as a consumer car, a taxi, and a police car!


French people are known for many things, loving and encouraging their culture and enjoying small and chic cars are just two of them. However, both of these can explain why Renault Clio is a bestseller in the European country with over 8 and a half sells since 1991. Impressive, right? And if this is not enough for you to understand how much Frenchies love their Renaults, it is the only car model besides VW Golf that has been voted Europe’s favourite two times.


In case you have expected that Mercedes or BMW is the best-selling car in Germany, you are wrong! Well, fair enough, Germany has plenty of iconic car brands to choose from and the actual bestseller is not surprising at all – since 1974 the whopping 25 million of Volkswagen Golf have been sold!


The best-selling car in India is definitely determined by an economic factor since it is manufactured by an Indian producer and it is the Hindustan Ambassador. The car model has been sold over 4 million times since its launch back in 1958.


Just like the French people, Italians have a deep pride of their culture, local car manufacturers and brands included. This is why it is not a surprise that Fiat Uno has been sold almost 9 million times not only in the country but worldwide. A very popular market for the small Italian car is Brazil.


Japan is a birthplace of many amazing cars and it is not a surprise that the bestseller of the country is the Toyota Corolla with a Japenese origin. The car model was officially released in 1966 and managed to become one of the world’s bestseller for only 8 years. Since then Corolla has sold over 40 million units.


One more all-country favourite with a local manufacturer is the Spanish SEAT Ibiza that has sold over 3.5 million units since its debut in 1984.

United States

With over 35 million sells since 1948, the USA’s car bestseller is definitely Ford F-Series. The love for these Fords must be really deeply-rooted since the car has been an all-people favourite for almost three decades.

United Kingdom

The best-selling car from the UK could only be the UK’s pride and joy, the cute and sleek Mini. Since it has been introduced at the beginning of the 60s, Mini is experiencing great popularity and interest with over 6 million cars being sold.
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