10 Best Cars For Traveling With Your Dog

10 Best Cars For Traveling With Your Dog If you have a dog, it happens from time to time, the need to travel with it. Is it simply for a walk, travelling on holiday with your friend, or simply taking it to the vet, pets and more specifically dogs could be your companion in the car.

However, dogs often have requirements, when being the +1 passenger in your car and you have to take care and make them feel comfortable and ok with the whole experience since dogs can get really excited at some point, or maybe scared by the whole hassle. In addition, you have to take care of your car. More specifically for its interior. Because no one would really enjoy muddy paw marks on the seat and a bunch of doggy hair. Even if you drive a second-hand car, you always want to have it look its best. Worry not, because car manufacturers are aware of the fact that many people take short and long journeys with their dogs and in order to ensure comfort not only for you and the other passengers but also for your four-legged friend, they made cars that can be called dog-friendly. Here are the 10 best cars for travelling with your dog:

Ford Kuga – It is ideal for bigger dogs because it is spacious and promises enough comfort and convenience with its 96-litre boot and tailgate.

Volvo XC70 – This Volvo’s model is specially designed for outdoor enthusiasts and dog owners. It comes with a dog barrier, so your dog can always relate to that Beyonce song and rawr “Driver, roll down the partition, please!”. Inside the joke, the dog barrier makes it convenient and safe for your dog to travel with you anywhere. This Volvo also has an optional divider to keep your dog safely in the boot.

Kia Soul – This car feels just very comfortable for small and medium-sized breeds. It comes with optional pet resistant maps and also special glass to control the heat build-up.

Mazda 3 – This Mazda is a very appropriate choice for small dog owners. Besides, it comes with a simplistic and minimalistic interior, so your dog has nothing to chew on to kill some time.

Peugeot 3008 – This is another spacious option for medium-sized dogs, so they can jump in and out and feel comfortable and safe.

Citroen C3 Picasso – This Citroen model comes with a high roof and optional rear seat folding.

Fiat Qubo – This Fiat has a similar shape to Citroen C3 Picasso and also a square-shaped back for even more comfort. In addition, it comes with rubber flooring, which makes it easier for you to clean.

Jeep Wrangler – Off-road and dogs? Well, we are totally in and excited! This open roof jeep would be also exciting for your dog and give it the feel of freedom and wind in the hair. You can ensure your dog’s safety by tying its lead to the roll bar.

Fiat 500L – Another spacious option with a large boot and additional accessories of pet guards.

Vauxhall Mokka – It offers enough space to fit a dog travel cage.
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