Top Car Add-ons You Cannot Live Without

Top Car Add-ons You Cannot Live Without Nowadays cars are nowhere near they used to be before not simply in terms of technology, design, or speed. Dozens of different add-ons and new features are added to the vehicles we use every day with every passing year in terms to ensure more comfort and a better experience when driving or travelling. For the majority of the people, cars are not only a machine that enables transportation but also a whole new experience with all its perks and advantages. In addition, nowadays people recognise the vehicles as a symbol of class, culture, even as an association of their own personalities. Trophy cars represent hours of hard work while family cars are all you need to invest into in terms of extra safety.

Considering the fact that buying and owning a car brings not only the comfort of quick transportation but a whole experience (remember that some people often say how they “live in their cars”), the different additional features that guarantee convenience and fun are a key moment in the decision-making process when investing into a new vehicle. So let’s have a look at the most popular and enjoyed car add-ons you cannot live without!

GPS Navigation

You can often hear people wonder how the drivers in the past used to find the right way to a town/street/address without the help of a GPS system. In fact, the little but very helpful navigation system for your car brings more than comfort and convenience. Gone are the days of the hard-to-navigate with roadmaps and thanks to the invention of the GPS nowadays everyone can find whatever they are looking for quickly and easily. Owning a GPS navigation system means that you will always be able to arrive at your destination without spending hours and hours in wondering and without all the hassle and stress. An in-dash GPS navigation system is just one of the alternatives but definitely, a more convenient and safer one compared to using your smartphone with its clear screen, for example, and the ability to stay in one place without sliding every time you are taking a turn. In addition, most of the systems will narrate the destination which means that you can completely focus on the road and drive safe.

Bluetooth Capabilities

Continuing with the safety theme and being able to stay completely focused on the road while driving, the Bluetooth capabilities of your car can really make a major difference compared to the outdated alternatives. In case you choose to add this feature to your vehicle or already have it installed, you are able to make and answer calls, listen to music, and so much more. With that being said, you do not need to store all the bulky pile of CDs in your car anymore and fussing around placing a CD into the stereo system or putting your hands-free kit on when you need to make or answer a call.

Heated Seats

This one is definitely one that adds on safety but heated seats are certainly beneficial for a full comfort. It is a controversial luxury in your car but we are sure that almost all of the people having heated seats in their vehicle will tell you that these are totally worth it. The first one to feature heated seats in the car were the Swedish brand Saab and the company claims the importance of heated seats not only as a useful feature during the colder months but also as a solution to healing back pain and guaranteeing more comfort while driving.

Dashboard/Rear Parking Camera

Parking is certainly not the most favourite experience of driving a car and it can be nerve-racking at times. However, owning a dashboard or rare parking camera installed in your vehicle definitely takes away the majority of the hassle and stress of fussing around while parking. In addition, the sale of dashboard cameras is at its peak in recent years due to the fact that you can have a video evidence in case of a problem or an accident on the road.

Cup Holders

Back to the basics! While cup holders are not near a luxury and unique feature to the vehicle anymore and you are most probably taking them for granted, imagining a car without a safe place where you can put your cup with a Starbucks drink or a bottle of water without the risk of spilling is simply impossible! In addition, cup holders are adding on the safety aspect as they enable you being focused on the road and not on balancing the cup with hot coffee.
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