Top 10 Cars Perfect For Students – Part 2

Top 10 Cars Perfect For Students – Part 2 Welcome back to part two of our series dedicated to top 10 cars that are perfect for students and young people. Indeed, graduating from high school, next thing you want to do in life is having your own car. The comfort of owning a car is pretty much unbeatable, no matter if you are planning to use it mainly for trips with your friends and family, driving to university or work. However, buying a cool car, when you are on a budget is not necessarily something you could do right now right away. It requires saving some money and considering the prices of the modern car models, it becomes almost impossible to own something issues in the past few years.

Your second option as a young adult or a student on a budget is investing into a second-hand vehicle. However, most of the used cars offered on the market are a bit… well, boring and not that exciting, because you see them everywhere on the roads, all the time. Perhaps you are looking for something a bit quirkier, more distinctive and fun? Yep, vintage and retro cars might be a bit more expensive for you, but this is not necessarily the case. Today we provide you with five more ideas about some classic cars that have their own distinctive style and are as reliable, easy-to-maintain and come at a reasonable price.

Mazda MX-5

Mazda MX-5 is one of the most popular roadsters ever and it is certainly very suitable for students and young people. MX-5 looks very good and has a fun style, it also offers a lot of excitement and emotion under the open sky. It also is easy to find on the market and an easy-to-maintain car, because it is powered by compact and simple atmospheric engine. The reason why this car is so much fun is not the power of the motor, but the combination between the motor and the low weight of the coupe. In addition, MX-5 is recognised for the good balance of the car’s weight, as well as RWD. The true fans of unique sporty cars do not need to hesitate a lot, considering the fact that this is a very good car that is offered in a very reasonable price range.

BMW 3-Series (E30)

E30 by BMW is the ultimate classic for every true fan of cars. This BMW model is “light”, fast and it is among the last analogue machines created by the German concern, which make it the perfect base for building up experience with cars. This car is suitable for all aspects of life, from going to a holiday, to using it every single day for driving to work/university and more. In addition, E30 looks enough stylish and elegant, plus the fact that more than 2.3 million E30 cars are manufactured in the timeframe of 10 years, which makes finding parts for fixing the car easy enough. We would recommend the versions with 2.0 litres engine and above.

Mercedes-Benz W115 220d

In case you insist purchasing a Mercedes model that is created by the legendary car designer Paul Bragg, you definitely should try W114/W115 – the first one features a four-cylinder engine, while the second one features 6-cylinders engine. Among all car models features in this list, Mercedes-Benz W115 220d is the most long-lasting and reliable car model, and definitely one of the most majestic ones. However, one of the downsides of this car is that it is not that easy to find and buy, however looking around for quite some time definitely worth it, because this Mercedes car comes on reasonable price, a strong, powerful yet safety slow car from the golden years of Mercedes. In addition, it is perfect for long journeys.

Alfa Romeo 75/Milan

At first, this sedan seems a bit too boring and you might be surprised that this Alfa Romeo car model is one of the most popular ones and it gains popularity immediately it was launched on the market. For less than three years the numbers of Alfa Romeo 75/Milan cars manufactured is around a quarter million. The design is very classic for Alfa in the 80s, the engine is mounted in the front of the car, this Alfa has a rear-wheel drive and the coupe has four doors. Alfa Romeo 75/Milan has a spacious rack, which means enough storage space for your friends’ and your luggage when you are travelling to the beach!

Volvo RWD (240, 740, 940, etc.)

Every driver should possess a Volvo at least once in their driving career. When it comes to wagon design, many people would tell you that there is nothing better than this Swedish creation by Volvo. In case you have to rely on a car that can survive an apocalypse, this is the right choice. For 20 years the Swedish company manufacturers the 240, and from 1975 until 1998 Volvo has a whole range of RWD cars and different engines, coupes and performances.
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