Top 10 Cars Perfect For Students – Part 1

Top 10 Cars Perfect For Students – Part 1 These cars are cheaper than most of the modern options available on the vehicle market, you can find these models as a used car option, they are interesting and easy to maintain. All of the above said to make these car models perfect for students and younger people with a lower budget and younger people that are not into the classic mass-market options.

When high school is over, most of the young people get a driving license and they start looking for a good, but cheap enough car. No matter if for short trips to the beach, for a long-term use for going to university every day, or driving to work, or just because of the great comfort owning a car provides, young people definitely do need a car, because they often lead an active lifestyle. The easiest way is investing into a second-hand vehicle, but this is not necessarily the option for everyone. Many young people prefer to purchase something a bit more interesting and unique. Something classic. These are our top 10 ideas for classic car models that are actually easy to find, easy to maintain and relatively cheap. All of the below mentioned 10 cars are perfect for students and young people, who do not have an enormous budget but still look for something interesting and exciting.

Fiat 124 Sport Spider

Fiat 124 Sport Spider is a great choice for young people with an active lifestyle for many reasons. It is a stylish and elegant Italian cabriolet car that is produced around two decades ago, which pretty much means that all of the car parts are still available on the market and the car is easy to maintain. In addition, there are enough car professionals out there, who are familiar with the model and can help you in case of an issue. The car model is available in a range with a four-cylinder engine with a varying volume and power. It all starts from the atmospheric engine with a working volume of 1438 cubic centimetres and continues with the 2.0-litre motor with mechanical compressor Volumex, which is added to the range a bit later in the manufacturing process.

Citroen 2CV

This car definitely comes with a vintage design, some people even think the design is not exactly very beautiful and stylish. In fact, Citroen 2CV does not have the most powerful engine too. However, it is still a car legend that attracts a lot of attention and has many fans even nowadays. In fact, you can see many Citroen 2CV on the road even nowadays, which means that this car model is reliable enough to carry on for quite some time longer. Finding this car model on the European market is certainly not a challenge. As it is with our first suggestion when it comes to Citroen 2CV the supply is wide and varying, considering the fact that this car model is manufactured from 1948 up to 1990. Well, this might not be a racing car, but you definitely will attract a lot of attention with this reliable and compact vehicle. 2CV starts its life with a miniature 9 horsepower-engine, while later on some of the most advanced cars feature a 602-cubic, 29 horsepower petrol engine. The coupe is just 600kg heavy, which makes this car very compact.

Mazda RX-7

In the timeframe of 7 years Mazda manufacturers more than 450,000 sports coupes from this range, each and every out of them powered by the exciting Japanese van engine. This type of engine does not have pistons, which guarantees high speeds, a lot of power, low centre of gravity, and a lot of pleasure on the wheel. However, this type of engine is not recognised for its long-lasting power and low maintenance cost, so make sure you are able to invest a bit more in this car in a long run.

Porsche 924

This car is a bit harder to find on the market than Mazda RX-7, however, this is the cheapest Porsche car model nowadays, so in case you want something a bit more luxurious and elegant, this is your best option. Some of the main advantages of Porsche 924 feature a simple construction and components. Despite the fact that a number of the Porsche fans do believe that Porsche 924 does not possess the real spirit of the brand, the car model is a purebred example of the brand from Stuttgart. The engine is located in front, the drive is rear, the price is reasonable. Porsche 924 is available with a turbo or atmospheric engine and this Porsche model has a racing alternative.

Volkswagen Scirocco

Inspired by Porsche 924, Volkswagen decides to create their own car model similar to the above mentioned and here is how Volkswagen Scirocco is created. The car models are available on the market just a few years after Porsche 924. The car features front transmission, a coupe with two doors, and the same engine as the legendary Volkswagen Golf 1. Scirocco quickly becomes highly popular, despite the fact that from all car models listed in this article, this one is the slowest one. Volkswagen Scirocco has a simple and easy-to-maintain mechanics, which makes this car an option suitable for young people indeed.

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