The Features Your Car Just Don’t Need

The Features Your Car Just Don’t Need We at Mobeo are always interested in how car-buyers find their new or second-hand car purchase. Well, yes, feedback is very important and you can learn many things to help you not only improve the service you offer, but also to understand other people’s needs and requirements better and what they love and don’t love about driving in general.

However, it was surprise for us to find out that some people are really impressed by some “missing” features of the car they have just bought from the used vehicle market. Well, it is important to say that here we are not talking about really important features and that no one is going to try and sell you Flindstone’s ancient car with a missing ground and engine.

There are some little details we are used to in our driving life and when the new car we buy just don’t offer them, at first we feel uncomfortable. And once again, since these details are really not that important and mandatory for the automobile to function properly and safe, these are often the things we won’t notice they miss, when buying a new, or a used car. But at the end of the day, besides the fact we are so used to having cup holders in the car, cup holders are simply one of those things your car just don’t need to be a good car!

Here is a short list of the things we find that besides bringing a little bit of comfort and being fun and entertaining, they are just not mandatory to have them in your car… unless you really want them!


Well, is there someone that wouldn’t enjoy a little bit of humanisation of their car? There is? Well, we don’t believe you! It’s been a trend for a few years now and many people enjoy adding some fun accessories to make their car look unique and personalised. Eyelashes, Rudolph’s antlers and all kinds of fun car accessories are easy to spot almost everywhere, however, is there someone that honestly thinks “This is what this car has needed all the time!” while putting on a pair of lashes? And then again, at the end of the day what is an automobile without those sultry pair of long dramatic lashes, wink wink?!

Car bras

Speaking of girly car accessories! The concept behind car bras is pretty good on paper, because they are made to prevent the front of your car from scratches and debris the way they prevent… well, you can imagine! However, the way they look is as not lovely as the way the whole idea sounds, so you may skip this one and go ahead with a few dents on the paintwork. Or you can pair the car bra with a pair of lashes and go on a fun girl’s night out!

Dinner trays

Talking of distraction and reducing the driver’s reactions while putting everyone in the car at risk of an accident, who is bringing food into the car? Not, really, how is it possible to keep your focus, while driving, when the inside of your car smells like a Chinese restaurant? Dinner trays, what is next, fine china and silverware?
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