5 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Car’s Value

5 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Car’s Value If you have just invested into a shiny new car you are probably wondering what can you do so you can keep the car in its perfect condition in a long-term and prevent premature signs of wear and tear. In fact, there is nothing sadder than your pride, joy, and excitement hitting the bottom by the thought of devaluating of the vehicle sooner or later. However, make sure to have a look at these tips and tricks provided by our experienced specialists and you will manage to keep the vehicle in its initial flawless condition for a very long time.

Keep the bodywork in great condition

Scratches, dents, and bumps appearing on the body of the car and its paint are one of the most off-putting signs to potential buyers in the future in case you want to re-sell your car. Even if the rest of the car is in flawless condition and the little imperfections are just superficial, buyers will get suspicious and you won’t be able to ask for the highest re-selling value of the motor. Unfortunately, this type of minor damages are very easy to create and, for a fact, very costly to undo. The top causes for the appearance of dents and scratches are reversing and opening doors into objects, so make sure you avoid too risky situations and pay attention to details.

Keep the interior clean

Remember, the exterior of the vehicle is not the only one important and you should pay attention to maintaining the interior too. Make sure the interior is clean and tidy at all times and whenever you notice a stain or any other mess – treat it accordingly. Keep rubbish bags and wet wipes in the car at all times to be able to clean quickly and prevent rubbish piling up. A vehicle with an immaculate interior definitely makes a very good impression and increases the value of the car. In addition, try not to smoke and eat in the car as this will leave the interior smelling for a long time.

Keep records of repairs and maintenance

Service records a definitely a key point in building trust between the seller and the potential buyer. Service records are, in fact, the physical evidence that you are not lazy, you do not neglect issues, and you know how to take care of the car. Do not forget to keep track of even the smallest details such as making sure that oil is changed on time. Keep a neat folder of with all service records of the car.

Be easy on your wheels and alloys

Alloy wheels are a desirable feature of a car considering the fact they look sleeker and much more well-built than simple wheel covers. You can invest in such a feature in order to increase the value of your car and make it more appealing and attractive to potential buyers. It is important to take extra care in order to avoid the alloys getting scratched and dented on curbs. Pay a special attention whenever you are pulling over or parallel parking next to a curb.

Be aware of the weather

Sun, snow, wind, and rain can all affect the condition and appearance of your car. As an example, extreme cold can damage and ruin the internal engine components, while excessive sun can damage the paint, trim, and mouldings. Avoid excessive exposure to sun, cold and rain.
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